YouTube Video SEO Optimization

Whoever said that on-site content optimization is the one best way to dominate cyberspace and usher in revenue?

Truly, Google is the world’s most used search engine but let us not forget the fact that YouTube ranks as a close second.

So why just settle with ranking one superpower? Claiming your place in two of the highest performing search engines in the world would mean doubling your website’s traffic, views, sales, and value.

But before you even begin your quest to take over the YouTube scene, there are a couple of things you need to deal with first.

How Do You Start Your YouTube Empire?

Step 1: Make an Account

Obviously, the first thing you will need is a YouTube account – if you don’t have one already. It’s fast, easy and free so I’m pretty sure you will not encounter much trouble with this one.

Step 2: Build Your Profile

Remember our little talk about NAP consistency (check Step 5!)? If this is going to be an account purposefully made for your website, then you have to make sure that the information you provide is consistent across all platforms – including the details you provide on YouTube.

Step 3: Do Your Research

See who else in your industry is actively promoting their video content on YouTube.

  • Are they regularly updating their accounts with new videos?
  • What is their approach to making the videos?
  • How well are their videos doing?
  • Are they getting positive or negative attention from viewers?

Competitor analysis is crucial in all forms of SEO. Doing a little stakeout will help you develop your own profile and approach. You get to uncover best (and worse) practices, strategies to mirror, and opportunities to take advantage of. These factors are all very important if you’re planning to make it big in the video marketing industry.

Now that you’re all hyped up with how easy it is to begin your YouTube reign, time to take a bit of motivation with you to help keep you going.

How Can Video Marketing Help With Your Business?

I can either write a 50-page report on why video marketing is good for your business or just present you with a 2-minute factual read. I don’t know about you, but I definitely wouldn’t want to do a heartbreaking load of work. So let’s go with metrics:

Facts don’t lie. This is how effective visuals are when it comes to information retention. Therefore, we can say that it has remarkable potential as a marketing medium. You and I have both seen it – how one little video can go viral overnight.

You may not instantly land an equal amount of fame, but every niche has its own audience. You need to win over their hearts first before really hitting it big.

Now, the question is:

When you get yourself up in the ranks of the world’s second most used search engine, what’s in it for you?

Benefits of Ranking YouTube

YouTube, like Google, is a rich source of information for people of all kinds – it just comes in a different form. If Google makes use of external links to give people what they need, YouTube utilizes uploaded videos. They are uniquely different as to how they disseminate information, and yet, they are fundamentally the same.

They both value quality above all else.

This strict obligation to provide quality information help business owners and users alike. Users are granted an experience that does not disappoint and at the same time, businesses get to raise their online authority by escalating their rank in a reputable site.

Moreover, getting ranked on Youtube will:

Help Establish Your Business As A Brand

Getting more views and subscribers on YouTube signals Google about your existence as a brand and how strong you are as a brand. Moreover, if you effectively take advantage and incorporate other brand signals into your YouTube campaign – such as inserting company trademarks wherever and whenever possible – more people will know about your company.

And we all know where that’ll lead.

Curious minds tend to dig deeper in hopes of finding more information. This inquisitive search to satisfy one’s curiosity consequently leads to brand searches which not only improves your rank on YouTube, but Google as well!

For example, I came across a TED-Ed video once and I couldn’t help but watch several more. They have this way of educating people in the most colorful way possible. Their videos run for more or less than 5 minutes and they make use of fun yet factual narratives to keep people listening. It was young and creative – a whole lot different from traditional education.

You must be thinking, “Why in the world am I blabbing on and on about some videos?”

Well, TED-Ed videos got me intrigued enough to know who they are. I appreciate their work enough to want to know who’s behind it. And that led me to key in “Who is TED-Ed” in a Google search box.

And as an SEO specialist, I thought to myself “It’s brilliant.” I was low-key encouraged to make a branded search of this organization and had me accessing their website – all because of one 5-minute video I came across with on YouTube.

P.S. TED-Ed is a non-profit organization. All salable items on their website are used to fund the creation of more fun, educational videos. Hooray, TED-Ed!

Open Your Doors To The World Of Affiliate Marketing

When your account starts to garner a good number of subscribers and followers (something we hope to achieve in this guide), expect your business circle to expand. Affiliate marketing is on the rise, and if you still don’t know what it is then you’re missing out on opportunities big time.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you get a percentage or share off a sale in the form of commissions every time a client converts or purchases an item with one of your business affiliates.

Your role is simple. Since you have the audience, you do the endorsing. When viewers watch a video you posted up on YouTube and are interested in buying one of the products your video promotes, the company selling the product will reward you for it in accordance to your affiliate agreement.

Ways You Can Endorse an Affiliate Product on YouTube:
  • Adding click-on affiliate links in some sections of the video
  • Using the product in the video
  • Adding a link to the product’s website in your video description
  • Responding to comments with suggested links to products you use

For example: If you’re running a YouTube account that educates people on effective interior designing, chances are, furniture or paint manufacturers will get in contact with you to propose affiliate marketing. That is if your videos are getting positive feedback from a large audience consistently.

Increase Engagement With Users

Users are gems. They are the biggest factor to consider in your online marketing pursuits. Having a YouTube account improves their experience with your business because they get to see things in action.

Ranking YouTube also means reaching out to more people aside from the ones who are already regulars on your website. This brings people to trust your brand more and increase their engagement with you.

Aside from having a blog, YouTube gives users a new platform to actively interact with you. They can freely express what they think of your video in the form of likes, dislikes (yikes!), video comments, shares, recommendations, follows, and subscriptions. Likewise, you also get to respond to them better – maybe with a new video or replying to the comments they leave.

Promote More Visits To Your Main Website

Although it comes with a considerable amount of risk, still, it gives you more leverage compared to text-based search engines. Quality rides on how well people receive your video. And, you won’t have to fool any bot to make your video rank.

Public opinion plays a huge role in your ranking status. So the better your videos perform, the more clicks your website will get. It’s a domino effect, really. You give people a super cool video, they get curious, they visit your website, and it’s either they buy or leave. That’s it.

To top it all, you get an increased number of visits to your website. That, alone, is an advantage to your SEO already.

How Can You Start/Improve Your YouTube Video SEO?

I previously mentioned that the best way to make your way up the YouTube ranks is to keep people happy. The second best way is to follow these steps:


C’mon people, it’s a video search engine. What better way to approach it than producing high-quality visuals? And I don’t mean state-of-the-art CGI, flashy neon colors, or expensive editing. What you need is three things:

Fresh, Fun, & Fulfilling

These 3 F’s are what you need in your videos. So bringing users something new, entertaining, or something to learn from is the best way you can capture your audience’s hearts.

Make your graphics lively and full of life but don’t overdo it. Create your visuals so that it would jive with the script, sound, and overarching theme. I personally get disappointed with videos that have a very meaningful or important message to relay but fail to make an impact because they lack the visuals. Such waste of what could have been great content.

Invest in equipment. Take things slow and careful. Put some love into the making of the videos.


Don’t bring the same old stuff back onto the table. Some ideas are classics, they never get old. But there is a fine line between being classy and just straight up cliché. If you really want to revive a great yet used-up theme, add a splash of different color to it. Make it original and YOURS.

Innovating ideas take you from being mediocre into something great. Remember, SEO will get you seen but that wouldn’t help much if users refuse to stay on your YouTube channel. You get more clicks but you don’t get much screen time. That would still affect your rank. Plus, you lose the chance to promote your website and affiliates.

Ways You Can Innovate Your Videos:
  • Keep up with the trends
  • Offer new concepts and ideas (even if they’re entirely bizarre)
  • Create how-to videos and DIY projects for uncommon tasks
  • Feature the latest trivia and fun facts (not ones from 1975)


Okay, now let’s start with things that are more SEO-ish.

In SEO, the smallest details play the biggest roles. One word can determine whether you rank or you flunk – especially when that word is your website’s main keyword. Here are some details you might want to be extra careful of:

  • Title

Just like in blogging, your SEO starts where your content starts – The Title. In your YouTube videos, we suggest inserting your keyword or key phrase in the title. This makes your video more visible to search engines like Google and also carries some weight in your ranking on YouTube.

Make your title simple but precise. It would be wise to keep it under 5 or 6 words as most users will only see the first or last 3 words of your title when they skim the content. Also add words that give emotional or educational value, like:

  1. How to’s
  2. Learn to’s
  3. DIY/Do-it-yourself
  4. XX Steps to/for
  • Description

Make sure that you get it mentioned at least 3 to 4 times in the description but of course, make it sound as natural as possible. It may not remarkably raise your ranking on YouTube but it should help categorize your video correctly. Also, it will help you get the video indexed by Google. So when you place the keywords right, there’s a good chance it’ll show up in the SERPs when a user searches for video resources on Google.

  • Tags

Another good practice is to add all relevant tags to your video. Again, this helps with categorization. So that even if you don’t rank too high, you can still appear in other videos’ related searches – increasing your chance of getting picked as a runner-up if the user doesn’t feel like the first video addresses his need completely or at all.

  • Length

Statistics show that longer videos have more potential to rank high. Users tend to pick resources that they believe would provide the detailed information. Of course, something like a 30-second video would fall right off the bat.

At face value, shorter videos look like resources you can hardly get anything from. But that doesn’t mean really long videos are better either – especially when the content is just a bunch of fluff to make the video last longer. Always drive quality into your work. A video can be 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or a full hour. As long as every second gives users something useful and relevant, that should be fine.


The experience your YouTube channel provides its users with is the most important thing to consider from the start of your campaign until its indefinite end.


Information acquired from resources can be easily forgotten – along with the name and identity of your brand. It’s just a matter of time really. But the feeling incited within users when they watch your videos will remain. And it’s the one thing you would want your content to create – a feeling.

It can be any feeling really. It can be a fun feeling from watching hilarious clips you’ve compiled, or a bittersweet feeling from watching an emotional video. Whatever it is, as long as it creates impact, it’s bound to stay in the far corners of a user’s mind.

They may not remember the video title or the entire script but they’ll remember your channel and how your videos managed to grant them an unforgettable experience.


The reason why plagiarism is such a crime is because nobody likes copycats. The world of SEO just doesn’t have room for people who copy content. Mainly because:

  1. It’s an insult and a grave offense to the owner of the intellectual property
  2. You are taking advantage of someone else’s hard work
  3. It’s illegal

When you make your videos, make sure you are not infringing any form of copyright. Always provide the correct citations and never assume authority for someone else’s work.

If you really want to feature something and you feel a bit rocky whether it will pass copyright protocol or not, it would be best to get permission first (if you’re able to). If not, you can always come up with better ideas.

How Can You Maximize The Use of YouTube?

YouTube is the second most widely used search engine in the world but it’s still a search engine like any other. They serve like big virtual libraries that people can easily gain access too. But empty the library of its books and it’s just like any other old room. Same thing goes with your YouTube channel.

Update regularly

No one will come visit empty libraries, let alone YouTube channels with very few videos. One hour worth of videos are uploaded to YouTube every second. That makes 60 hours in a minute, 3,600 hours in an hour, and 5,184,000 hours in a day. But hey, who’s counting?

If you don’t update content regularly, your videos will just end up like wreckage lost at sea.

Go Social

YouTube videos are abundantly shared on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. So why not take advantage of this feature to further strengthen your brand signals. After all, it’s generally impossible to have a completely homogenous audience across all social media websites.

Take advantage of this diversity to further your influence.

By sharing your videos across different social platforms, they can be viewed by more people. This benefits not just your YouTube channel but your brand as a whole.


Our Final Thoughts

We are no video editing experts but we know a good marketing strategy when we see one. It’s popular, well-visited, and free – these perks are just too tempting not to try.

Know that you can never go wrong with SEO when you make content with great quality – be it an article or a video.