When And Why To Outsource Your SEO To Professionals

Are you suffering from too much work fatigue? Try outsourcing! Learn why outsourcing your SEO to professionals can help you out… BIG TIME!

Running a business is tough work. More than attending to a regular 9 to 5, having your own business would mean running it 24 hours, 7 days a week – online and offline. Trying to do everything yourself, or attempting to do so, may not be the best idea. You’ll end up sacrificing so much, including your own personal time which should have been used for family and leisure instead.

Fortunately, you can always get by without subjecting yourself to such a masochistic feat. The world is leaning towards globalization and there are just a few too many talented individuals out there that are more than willing to help you with professional work. Best part – no commercials. No employees calling in sick, gone AWOL, or fooling around. You hire, they deliver, and the deal is set.

That, my dear friends, is the beauty of outsourcing. And we’ll be doing an in-depth discussion of this work practice here on out – so stay tuned.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a hiring practice that is steadily growing popular with local and international businesses alike. I guess we can say that outsourcing is similar to contractual work wherein an individual is only hired for a brief period of time or to complete a specific project. It is when a company takes an internal task outside of the company to be completed by a non-employed individual. Although outsourced hires are commonly short-lived, there are those that get hired repeatedly or consistently whenever the need (e.g. project) arises – especially when the talent is achieving results for the company.

Outsourcing Usually Requires Three Things:

A client (employer)

A vendor (employee)

A job order (project agreement)

In many cases, vendors work with a third-party agency or company that facilitates client acquisition. And more often than not, this kind of setup works. There’s a steady influx of customers, looking to avail different kinds of outsourced skills that fit the needs of their respective companies, and there are thousands of workers looking to land opportunities. Both parties protected by the provisions of the Outsourcing Company at all times.

There are also those that go into private agreements, without the intervention of a third-party. As you may have imagined, this route to outsourcing is more dangerous than the former. But such dangers can also be addressed when one takes necessary precautions.

Another platform for outsourcing would include Skill-based Servicing Companies – such is the case of Tayloright. These companies offer skill-specific services to clients on a bi-monthly, monthly, or annual subscription basis – which means that clients get to decide how long they require the service for. The biggest advantage of choosing this manner of outsourcing is that you can be sure that the people behind the company know what they are doing. After all, they’ve been dedicated to refining a specific skill for a long time!

How Can It Help Me With SEO?

Nobody is born into this world as an SEO prodigy – that would definitely be weird. SEO is a learned skill And, like most skills, SEO too is outsourced. If you don’t have the time to learn SEO, create content, or work to rank your website on your own – and there’s nobody else available to assume this role – then outsourcing is what you need.

Many individuals dedicate their time and efforts into learning the magic behind SEO. They research, experiment, and run trials in order to better their understanding of the trade. These are individuals you need in order to run a successful SEO campaign; individuals who are usually available for outsourcing.

Why Should I Consider Outsourcing SEO Tasks?

There are several reasons as to why one would opt to outsource internal tasks outside the company. It can be personal, financial, or manpower related reasons. Whatever it is, just by reading this article, we assume that you might be considering having your SEO activities outsourced too.

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider outsourcing SEO tasks:

Obvious Reasons:

  1. You don’t know how SEO really works.

I’m talking about the majority here. If you’re into SEO – then that is an added benefit to you and your company. But most of the time, business owners are too occupied with operational concerns that they simply do not have the time to learn SEO anymore – let alone master it.

SEO is a tricky trade. The trends change too fast in just a short amount of time. This is why even if you know the basics; it still wouldn’t be enough in the long run.

  1. I’m guessing that 8 hours of sleep is already a luxury.

The business can only run if you are still running. So don’t expend every last drop of energy in your system on working. If you feel like you have a little too much on your plate already, don’t add more – nothing good ever comes with being a glutton. With outsourcing, you can get into bed earlier and wake up fresh. You’ll definitely feel like a new person – with increased productivity!

  1. You certainly have more important things to do.

Rather than SEO-ing, you are probably faced with many other things that require your full attention. When you hire someone that you know is capable of doing the work for you, you’ll have more time to attend to other tasks – be it work or family-related. Always remind yourself of your priorities and tick off tasks that you think can be done better by specialists than a tired, burnt-out you.

  1. You’re not a one-man army.

Unless you possess a superhuman power that enables you to make competent copies of yourself, there is still only one “you.” And you don’t want to risk the only self you have with work stress and fatigue. Don’t do everything yourself. Instead, outsource and make your life a whole lot easier.

Not So Obvious Reasons:

  1. You need professional opinion outside your own.

Everyone is “especially” good with something. And that something, for you, may not be SEO. So instead of approaching this very important digital marketing strategy half-heartedly; why not find someone who is more knowledgeable of the subject to do it for you?

Who knows? You might even find out new things about your company you never have before noticed. And it’ll all be because you opened your doors to another professional’s perspective.

  1. You don’t have to worry about overhead costs.

Officially hiring an extra hand to work on your company’s SEO is great and all but you also have to weigh the amount of benefit you’re going to get compared to the costs you will incur. In an article by John Rampton, he cited that a company can save around 60% on overhead costs by outsourcing.

Think about it. When you hire a new employee, you need to get them an office, offer them benefits (like health care and insurances), and (probably) incentives on top of the salary you are already paying them. And the risk involved is also very high. You can give them all of these but the quality of their output is still questionable. There is no assurance of significant returns.

On the other hand, you never have to worry about such things from happening when you choose to outsource. You are hiring seasoned professionals who acquire skills by getting a firsthand experience. Some of them may not be as decorated academically-speaking, but keep in mind that for skill-based tasks, it doesn’t matter how much education you get. Someone with 3 to 4 experience of working on SEO strategies with 88% success rate will always outdo a fresh Ivy League degree holder. Best part – you only pay for the service. And that’s it. No expensive equipment, research costs, or damaging expense for wrong hires. Plus, you have the freedom to hire these outsourced inviduals when the need arises.

  1. You maximize productivity.

When you’ve hired an in-office employee, you pay them according to the hours you’ve agreed on as part of their COE. With outsourcing, most of the time, you pay for outputs and results. An employee can come to work eight hours a day and seriously work for two but you still have to pay the full eight hours. So unless, you’ve got a really strict monitoring system, outsourcing feels like a better, more productive choice.

Here’s an article I found really helpful about the positive correlation between outsourcing and productivity – thought you should read it too!

When Should I Consider Outsourcing?

Generally, we have three types of people: The early birds, latecomers, and panic bombs. Again, these are all terms I created myself to better express my point.

Early birds – people who always do everything in advance; take precautions; paranoid but with good reason

Latecomers – people who like to do things a few hours behind; always have the wrong timing; believes that it’s better to start late than never

Panic bombs – people who act at the very last minute; rushes everyone with unrealistic deadlines; low chances of succeeding; often look stressed, desperate, and fatigued

In outsourcing SEO, you have to try and be the early bird because:

Reason 1: SEO Takes Time

It’s not something that happens overnight. You’d be lucky to get results within the next three months even. When you’re thinking about outsourcing SEO, think fast. Don’t put it off too long that you’ll end up like a panic bomb.

Reason 2: You’re Losing Opportunity

Every day something new happens online. Every day thousands of users use search engines. Each passing day, you’re losing the opportunity to grow your business just because you are plagued with a one hardly debatable decision – to outsource SEO tasks, or not? If you’re thinking about it, you might as well do it. The regret of not doing something is far greater than the regret of doing something that failed. Hurry before all the good opportunities run out.

Reason 3: You Can Address Problems Early

No strategy is perfect. There is bound to be holes and gaps here and there. But starting early may help you avoid the worst case scenario – noticing a problem a little too late. When you start outsourcing your SEO early, you also get to track its progress or regress early. So if potential problems do arise as a byproduct of your new SEO strategy.

The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing

This is the most important section of this article and definitely one you should take extra time absorbing.

As much as outsourcing tasks are helpful, there are also downsides or dangers to it. After all, no employer-employee relationship is flawless. Same goes for clients and vendors. To better explain the succeeding points, I’ll be presenting them in table format as shown below:

Outsourcing Concerns



1.    Using a Freelancer

By using a freelancer, you have the chance to build a collaborative relationship built on trust for the long term. You might even find someone who’ll not only help you with an outsourced task but even bring your company to greater heights

Freelancers are risky to use. They can be very promising, talented individuals that can help you out big time but with no legal contract or assurance of them staying, you endanger the completion and development of an outsourced task

2.    Using Paypal

Paypal provides clients and vendors a payment method that is safe and reliable.

The dispute system only lasts for 45 days, after which, it will be impossible to get your money back.

3.    Outsourcing important or creative tasks

If assigned to the right person, outsourcing important tasks can bring the company positive results – may be even greater compared to when it was done internally.

Creativity, initiative, and talent are nearly impossible to teach. There is a good chance that the vendor you choose will not meet your expectations and come up with a rather dull, inconsistent, or mediocre work.

4.    Costs

In outsourcing, you pay the amount of work that needs to get done.

Some freelancers or companies may rip you off by having you pay too much for low-quality work.

5.    Productivity

Clients pay vendors for the amount and quality of work that they get done and (usually) not by the number of hours – except for tasks that would include secretarial or data entry activities.

Some freelancers may leave the task hanging and may not do it entirely. This may or may not cost you money but it will surely cost you time that should have been put into completing the assigned task.

How Can I Avoid the Dangers of Outsourcing?

Companies Over Freelancers

To avoid contracting a Freelancer that suddenly goes AWOL, it’s best to have a job outsourced to a reputable company. In the case of SEO, for example, you will need someone with a history of relevant experience that you know for a fact is true and valid – you can verify this through work portfolios and reviews.

Freelancers may send you attachments of their work, or links to websites they claim to have done SEO work for. Note that the word “claim” carries a lot of weight here. After all, you can never be sure if it’s true or not since most Freelancers work without labels. I know there’s a ton of pure talent out there, but it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the legit ones from the fake.

Companies or agencies, on the other hand, have portfolios and reviews on their websites – given by other people, mostly by clients like you who have gone ahead and availed their services. Although there is also the risk of fraudulent reviews (false positives) that claim services to be great when in fact they are not, still, it is much easier to evaluate this yourself by looking through other reliable resources. This article, for example, can guide you in selecting the right agency to contract with.

Try Multiple Agencies or Freelancers

If you opt for a Freelancer instead of an agency, that’s completely fine. But it is wise to let them go through a trial period to test their skill and competence. And, it is even wiser to contract a few Freelancers or agencies at the same time.


Because you can save time and still select the best if you do so. You don’t have to give them very long contracts, just enough time for you to see their potential.

Track Progress

When you outsource a task, that doesn’t mean you relinquish all responsibilities to the vendor. This is still your business we are talking about which means that you should still expend the effort to monitor how the job is going.

You don’t have to check on the task every minute of every day, just require your outsourced employee to give you regular updates to keep you on top of everything.

Create SOP’s

There’s no better way to ensure quality than explicitly communicating what you want and need to your vendor. And you can effectively do this by creating an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the specific task you want to be done. This helps not only you but the incumbent of the job as well. Vendors often come up with low-quality work because clients too, provide vague instructions on how they want a job to turn out.

Although creating an SOP for every task you need to outsource can be very tedious, you will reap its merits in the long run. Look at your business, identify tasks you can create SOPs for, and do it. It is also important that you update your SOPs regularly to keep up with the times and to further quality development.

Always be Mindful of Deadlines

Deadlines are very important because of two things:

  1. Opportunity Cost
  2. Expiration of PayPal’s Dispute System

When a vendor drags the task for days, problems are bound to arise. Aside from making you waste time when you should’ve landed a lot of opportunities for your business if the task got completed early, also note that PayPal’s dispute system lasts for only 45 days. And time is fleeting when you’re busy dealing with other things at work every day.

Strictly impose a timeline each time you outsource a task – you can even include a progress report in your SOP. Also, make an internal arrangement with yourself to mark start dates on a calendar to help you keep track. In a link acquisition job, for example, set a deadline of 30 days or less. You should require the vendor to deliver significant results within that time period. Don’t let them drag time with excuses until the dispute period is over. Because when this happens, there’s a good chance that you’re being scammed. Notify PayPal the moment you sense something is wrong.


This brings us to conclude this article. We hope we have addressed some of your biggest concerns about outsourcing. In a nutshell, outsourcing is one thing you can do to help decongest some work traffic inside your company. This can help you and your in-house employees perform better and reduce operational costs. Above all, nothing beats a fresh new perspective that can help you see your company or business in a new light!