Terms of Service

The Company

Tayloright is an independent business entity, owned by Taylor Johnson, having its own management, organization, online and offline based offices, policies, products and services. Tayloright, here on out referred to as “the Company,” reserves all rights to implement its own governing rules, stipulations, and provisions regarding the use of its products, services, and properties that are to be further stated here forth.

On Intellectual Property

In the event that you consent to subscribe, access, or use the properties and websites owned or affiliated with the Company, you are granted no right to copy, vandalize, plagiarize, or personally make use of any and all trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos in connection with Tayloright, Tayloright.com, or other trademarks owned by third-party websites linked to or in connection with the Company.

On Liability

The Company, together with its suppliers and licensors, will not be held legally liable for any matters that arise beyond their reasonable control. In no event will the Company assume responsibility for (i) any special, unprecedented, or consequential damages, (ii) the costs of replacements, products, or services for substitution, (iii) for disturbances in use, loss, or corruption of important data, (iv) for reimbursements of excess fees paid to the Company during the twelve (12) month period prior to the cause of action. The foregoing shall not go beyond the extent that is deemed unacceptable by the prevailing law.

On Changes

The Company reserves the right to modify, replace, or change any part of this agreement as it sees fit. It is within the visitor’s domain of responsibility to check back on this agreement periodically to keep his or her scope of information up-to-date. The Company may also introduce new products and services in the times to come, all of which are still subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in the latest version of this agreement. Continued use of the website, or any other service affiliated with the Company, constitutes the acceptance of the changes implemented, if any.

The Website

The Company have full and autonomous jurisdiction over its website Tayloright.com, here on out referred to as “the Website.” The Company, furthermore, reserves all rights to own, operate, and manage websites other than Tayloright.com. The use and liabilities concerning the Website are to be further stated here forth.

On Website Visitors

The Company operates the Website knowing that it has not reviewed all, and cannot review all material, including software that gets posted on the Website. Whatever effect, may it be useful or harmful, visitors get from visiting the Website will not be included in the Company’s liability. As the visitor, you are expected to prepare precautions in advance to safeguard your personal property, accounts, and computer systems from possible third-party intervention which may include malware-infestation (viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc.) and other harmful content. The Website may also contain indecent, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content without the knowledge of its management, as well as other technical errors such as grammar and typographical mistakes may also be present in the contents of the Website. Furthermore, the Website may contain content that violates privacy and publicity rights of others, as well as materials that infringe the intellectual and propriety rights of their respective owners. The Company waives all responsibility and liability for actions taken by website visitors which may range from copying, downloading, or posting inappropriate or otherwise illegal materials on the website.

On External Links and Content by Other Websites

The Company operates the Website knowing that it has not reviewed all, and cannot review all material, including software that gets posted on the websites it links to or other websites visitors’ link to. The third-party websites the Website links to may contain indecent, offensive, and inappropriate content, as well as other technical errors such as grammar and typographical mistakes without the knowledge of the Website’s management. It is also possible for third-party websites we use as reference to contain destructive malware such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and the like. Furthermore, third-party websites may contain content that violates the privacy and publicity rights of others by copying, downloading, or posting content. Again, the Company, the Website, and its management waive all responsibility and liability with regards to the errors incurred by third-party websites.

On Advertisements and Attributions

The Company and its Website reserves the right to display advertisements in the user’s blog account unless otherwise the user subscribed to a no-ad account. Furthermore, the Company and its Website reserves the right to add attribution links such as “Blog at Tayloright.com” inside sections of your blog page (e.g. toolbar, footer).

On the Disclaimer of Warranties

The Company and its Website disclaim all warranties of any kind, without limitation, with regards to the errors, irregularities, and inconsistencies found in the website. The Website is provided to its users as it is and shall not hold any warranty over fitness of use or merchantability. By accepting this agreement and continuing your use of the Website, you understand all risks and implications involved when downloading or accessing content provided by the Website and its community of users.

On Termination

The Company and its Website reserves all rights terminate a user’s account with or without due cause or notification if the need may arise. If in case it is the user who wishes to terminate his or her account in the Website he or she can simply discontinue its use. If the user owns a paid account, the Company has the right to terminate his or her account within thirty (30) days after an action has breached this agreement and the user shows no intent to reconcile the breach. The Company may also terminate an account immediately without prior notice in the occasion of a general shut down or cessation of operations. The terms and conditions of this agreement will prevail over any form of termination, including but not limited to ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, limitations of liability, and indemnity.

The Service

It is understood that upon entering into an agreement, subscription, or any other form of paid engagement with the Company, you are already made aware of the nature of products, here on out referred to as “the Service,” the Company provides. The Service may come in the form of information, education, consultation, evaluation, and other forms of assistance related to the development and marketing of websites and online content – each of which having specific fees, policies, limitations, and provisions that shall be disclosed upon mutual engagement. The use of the Service is to be further stated here forth.

On Payment and Renewal

The Service provided by the Company is generally prepaid. Payment should be given on the day your subscription starts and will last until the end of your subscription (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) as indicated. Payments are non-refundable and will renew automatically unless otherwise, paused or discontinued. Renewing the Service would grant the Company permission to automatically charge the involved fees to your credit card or other payment mechanisms provided. You can cancel the Service at any time by submitting a thirty (30) days written notice addressed to the Company.

On Fees

The Company reserves the right to change the rates and fees applicable to a specific Service given that the user has received prior notification thirty (30) days in advance.

On Support

If the user is subscribed to a Service that comes with E-mail Support, he or she has the ability to make priority requests to the e-mail support team of the website regarding VIP Services. These requests are expected to receive assistance within one (1) business day and shall be put first above requests coming from standard or free account users.

On Partner Products

Upon activating or subscribing to a partner product, users are then obliged to conform to the terms and conditions that come with that particular product. Users still have the option to end their compliance to the partner product’s terms and conditions by deactivating it.

The Clients

The Website and its Services shall be made available to any and all persons and peoples so long as they are 18 years of age, or legally accountable. These persons and peoples, here on out referred to as “the Clients,” are granted the right to privacy and any and all information required of them shall be given equal protection by the Company and shall solely be used for the purpose of engaging with the Services the Company offers – provided that the Clients have granted their full consent. The rights and liabilities of the Clients are to be further stated here forth.

On Client Account and Use of Site

Upon signing up for an individual account with the Website and the Company, the Client is subject to all liabilities pertaining to his or her account. The Company and the Website will not be held responsible for any harm or unlawful act caused to or by the Client’s individual account. It is understood that the Client understands the risks involved in opening and operating an account and the effort needed to maintain its security and integrity. If signs of unwarranted intrusion to the Client’s account have been observed, it is his or her responsibility to report it to the Website’s management.

On Responsibility of Contributors

As a bonafide Client of the Company and the Website, you are granted the right to access, download, post, and comment on material available on the Website. Thus, the Company and the Website relinquishes all responsibility and liability for any and all actions the client’s account participates and the consequential harm that can be brought about by such actions – even if the act is incidental, accidental, or resulting from negligence. By continuing to use this website, it is understood that the Client has accepted the conditions stipulated in this agreement. Furthermore, the Client represents and warrants that:
(i) Downloading, copying, or posting content will not, in any way, infringe and violate privacy, publicity, or propriety rights that may include but are not limited to copyright, trademarks, patents, service marks, of any third party.

(ii) If the creator of content is not synonymous to the holder of the content’s rights (e.g. ghostwriting) the Client must ensure that (1) he or she has received permission to use any and all content under the jurisdiction of the owner’s rights, or (2) he or she has secured a waiver from the owner that renounces all rights associated with the content.

(iii) The Client has successfully submitted all requirements and acquired all licenses relating to the content.

(iv) The content is free of malware or any software that can cause harm and damage to another user’s computer systems when downloaded (e.g. viruses, worms, Trojan horses)

(v) The content is free of indecent, inappropriate, pornographic, threatening, abusive, offensive, or violent material that can cause discomfort and distress to fellow users.

(vi) The content is not spam, machine-generated, or geared towards improving the search engine rankings of other third party websites or provides misleading information to fellow users.

(vii) The content or blog does not misrepresent the identity of the Client or the Client’s company to appear as something or someone different.

(viii) The client’s content or blog is not advertised using unsolicited promotional tactics that may include, without limitation, spamming, unwanted electronic mails, and the like in other websites or blog sites.

(ix) The Client is in possession of all materials related to the content and has the capacity to disclose this information, under reasonable conditions, to the Company if the need may arise.

On Copyright Infringement and the DMCA Policy

The Company and the Website reserves all rights to terminate the Client’s account abruptly, even if the Client is currently enrolled in a paid subscription if the Client is found guilty of repeatedly infringing copyrighted material with no resolution to stop. In the same sense, all Clients are encouraged to report all acts observed to be violating copyright to the Company and the Website’s management in accordance with Tayloright Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The Company will then respond to these reports by either removing the infringing content or disabling all links that lead to infringing material. Terminated clients, proven guilty of breaching this agreement, will not be entitled to any refunds.

On General Representation and Warranty

The Client warrants and represents that his or her use of the Website agrees to the terms and conditions enclosed within this agreement, the Company’s Privacy Policy, and the applicable local and national laws (city, province, state, country) to which the Client resides. The Client warrants that he or she will exhibit acceptable online and on-site behavior that do not violate any acts or provisions stated in any and all of the agencies mentioned above which include but are not limited to – the transmission of data from the country the Client is a resident of, respect for the intellectual property of others.


The Client indemnifies the Company (Tayloright), its licensors, contractors, directors, managers, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims and costs incurred, including attorney’s fees, that arise from his or her use or misuse of the Website and its facilities, including the Client’s violation of the provisions of this agreement.


The contents of this Agreement signifies the entire agreement that exists between the Company, Tayloright, and its users and clients and can only be amended or modified by the authority of Tayloright’s designated executives or through the release of an updated version of this Agreement. This Agreement and any conflict arising from the breach or violation of this Agreement will be governed by the laws of New York City, USA and presided by the state and federal courts of New York City, USA, except for when applicable laws provide otherwise. With the exemption of claims concerning intellectual property rights, any and all disputes that are byproducts will be settled by three arbitrators in New York City, USA, using the English language, and the arbitral decision imposable in any court. The prevailing party of such trial shall be entitled to all costs incurred including attorney’s fees. If, in any case, part of the Agreement is believed to be invalid or inapplicable, that part will be interpreted to be one and the same as that of the parties’ original intent. If a waiver is brought forth by either or both parties, it may waive the current breach but not the provision itself or any succeeding breach thereof. The Company, Tayloright, may assign its rights under this Agreement with no condition and the Agreement may be assigned to any party that consents to, and agrees to be bound by the provisions duly discussed in these terms of service agreement. This Agreement will be binding upon both parties, their official assigns, and successors.