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We have offered digital marketing services for businesses throughout the United States since 2009. We also offer product review services for the thousands of consumers that are searching for the best online products. Our scholarship program is catered towards students that are involved in any type of marketing.


In order to apply for this scholarship program, you must be enrolled in or have been accepted to attend a college or university in the USA.

What We Are Looking For

Send us a word document file containing a minimum of 1,000 words describing why you think businesses need internet marketing in order to grow their business. We are looking for well-written articles that provide unique insights as to why online marketing is so important for business growth.


Once you have completed the article please send it to the following email address: We will review the applications and the student that has submitted the most thorough and well-written article will receive the reward.


October 20, 2018


We will send a $500 check directly to your college or university by November 15, 2018.

Thank you for applying to the scholarship program!    

2018 Scholarship Winner

We are happy to announce that we received 32 applications! After reviewing all the applications we received, we have decided to announce Kalie Kjerstad, attending the Regent University, as the winner for the 2018 contest!


Internet marketing is essential for a business starting out in the United States today.  More people are online than ever before, and the reach that the internet can have to get to all of these people is unbelievable.  For some people, buying online is almost exclusively the only way that they shop. More people are now able to follow their passion than ever before because of the lower costs of running an online business versus running one with a storefront.  Some of the people who are now able to start their own business would have never before been able to do this, until internet marketing came along and made it all possible.

                It is affordable for almost everyone to start up their own business online these days.  It is no longer needed to have a store front, and have to pay tons of money for rent, store utilities, and various other costs.  Having a lot of inventory on hand is no longer needed either, ordering stock on demand is a much more profitable way to run things so there isn’t excess inventory being left on shelves.  A large staff is no longer needed either, you can run a business online 24 hours/7 days a week with only yourself running it!

                Having an online business means your store is always open for people to be looking at all hours of the day, and that someone should be able to be reached through the contact information on your web page.  Another benefit to having an online business is the ease of marketing to consumers with ads on social media, and targeted ads when someone tries to pull something up on google search.  Advertising on social media and through the targeted ads is an extremely easy thing for a business to do, it is very cost effective, and great for targeting the perfect online community.

                Now that the majority of people have internet and social media on their phone constantly, it is easier than ever to reach your intended audience.  I have read that their average amount of time younger people are spending on their phone per day, is close to three hours! Likely they are checking the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.  Marketing through these social media platforms is a game changer.  Instead of the extremely expensive and likely inefficient television, radio, and newspaper advertisements, people can put their advertisements online where they are more likely to be seen.  These advertisements will be shown to a particular audience who is likely interested in the type of thing that you are selling.  This is all determined by their past online shopping purchases and the things that they have been looking up.

                Advertising is much more cost effective than it has been in the past with running the advertisements online.  Running an advertisement locally on television easily could cost over $1000 for one 30 second spot, and over $100,000 for one 30 second spot to be nationally broadcast! That is a crazy amount of money to spend, especially when the ad may not even be reaching the target audience.  Running an advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other social media platform is much more cost effective for the average business owner.  It costs less than 50 cents per click that you get.

                It is much easier now to know what market to try to reach and where you are able to reach them.  There is data that can be accessed to reach your target market that you can collect online.  Advertising can pop up when people are looking for something specific, or can be something that people will see on any social media platform when they are scrolling through on their computer or phone. The fact that it can all be done online helps businesses to be able to easily grow. These smaller businesses are now able to be more able to compete with bigger departments stores because the other costs of having a business are lower than they ever have been.

 We currently live in a small town of around 800 people, which makes it hard for some of the local businesses to be able to stay in business at all, let alone grow.  They are now able to sell their products online and they can reach a much wider audience than they have been able to in the past in our small town.  Not to mention being a regular person living in the small town, we are unable to purchase many things in our town that we would be able to if we were in a bigger area.  Now we are able to order them all online and have them shipped here for nothing, or next to nothing, within a day or two. 

                With a business being based online, the reach is much farther than it has ever been. For instance, a business within my small town would have only had a reach of about the current population of the town plus whoever was possibly traveling through town at any given time.  Now this same business can reach people all over the world.  That greatly increases the amount of potential customers.  Once they order from you and you deliver a quality product, you have likely gained a repeat customer who can come back to you whenever they are in need of the type of product that you are selling.  Before, in my example of my small town, if someone traveling came through your store and bought, they likely would not be able to be a repeat customer.  They may not travel through your small town again for quite some time, if ever.

                The amount of online retailers has greatly increased in the past ten years. This is largely due to the online marketing.  The businesses are able to gather tons of data online from their shoppers, then they are able to target the best audience for their particular products.  With this in mind, they can make their advertisements fit their target audience and are more likely to get sales than they would be just having a general ad out for everyone that is coming online to see.  Online businesses are able to get many more customers than they would have ever been able to reach in their physical storefront, along with the opportunity for many more people to become their repeat customers.  I can’t imagine being a storefront only business, trying to compete with the online businesses that there are around today.

               In all, I see internet marketing as being a huge positive for everyone involved.  If it were not for internet marketing things would be harder for businesses, and for the buyers.  I am thankful that this is a big thing in our lives today.