Privacy Policy

Tayloright, here on out referred to as “the Company,” along with its assets, partners, and business affiliates respect and acknowledge the rights of their clients to privacy and recognizes the need to safeguard their private information from unlawful, inappropriate, or harmful use. In line with such, the Company obliges itself to protect personally identifying information and shall transparently disclose how this information is used, and will only be used, through the provisions of this policy.

User Accounts and Personal Data

Signing up for an account with the Company’s website,, here on out referred to as “the Website,” will require visitors, users, and clients to disclose personal information like name and e-mail address. If the purpose of creating an account is to engage in transactions with the Company, the user may also be required to disclose additional personal and financial information such as birthdate, mode of payment, credit card details, and the like. The information the Client provides will serve only as a record of his or her account and shall be used by the Company and its employees, partners, and affiliates for the sole purpose of processing, dealing, and availing the Website’s services. Because this information will be used for official transactions, users are required to provide true, valid, and updated personal information. Personally identifying information will be kept classified and will remain classified unless otherwise the need to disclose the information have dire implications (e.g. harm to the general public), or mandated by the existing laws of the city, state, or country.

Furthermore, deceitful, unlawful, or conniving attempts to impersonate, misrepresent, or intentionally lie about the user’s personal identity will be dealt with by the Company’s management accordingly.

Research and Statistics

The Website often takes record of both personal and impersonal data about visitors accessing the Website. These impersonal data may include, but may not be limited to, browser type, language preference, date and time of visitations which are then used by the Company to get a better understanding of how users behave around the Website. Furthermore, this collected information may be published as a report to show or illustrate existing trends or patterns of visitors’ usage of the site.

Personal data may also be gathered by the Website, such as the user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address every time users log in or post comments in the Website. Personal data will only be disclosed in the same manner as described above and to the administrators of the blog/site to which the comments are posted.

Cookies and Advertisements

The Website may store cookies on a visitor’s computer in the same manner how the Website receives cookies from the visitor’s browser every time he or she accesses the Website. These “strings of information” allow the Website to track and understand the visitors’ manner of using the Website such as their viewing and language preferences. Users and clients who feel uncomfortable with this exchange of information may opt to block or refuse these cookies through changing the settings of their browsers on grounds that such action may inhibit their use of some features in the Website.

The Website’s advertising partners may also set ad cookies on visitors’ computers to recognize how the visitor and others using the visitor’s computer respond to the ads they send. By using the information the cookies provide, advertising partners can send advertisements that they believe may incite the visitor’s interest. This privacy policy only pertains to the Company’s (Tayloright) use of cookies and does not include the use of cookies by third-parties or partner advertisers.

Business Transfers

In the unlikely event that the Company, Tayloright, is acquired or absorbed by another business entity or otherwise cease its operations due to bankruptcy, user information will be included as part of the Website’s assets and as such, will also be transferred to the Company’s new possessor. As a user of this Website, you understand that such circumstance may take place and that both personal and impersonal data may be transferred and continually used by a third-party in accordance with this policy.

Changes in the Policy

The Company, Tayloright, may apply minor changes to this policy at its sole discretion. It is part of your responsibility as a user to keep track of these changes by reviewing this policy regularly. Users and visitors who have active accounts with the Company’s Website may receive notification of the changes and their continued use of the Company and the Website’s services constitute their acceptance of said changes.