Learn Why Your Website Is Not Ranking High On Google

Every business throughout the United States of America wants the first page ranking on Google. It really goes without saying that having top Google rankings helps to transform businesses. There are companies that spend thousands of dollars a month in order to outrank their competitors on Google.

We are going to review some of the common reasons why your website is not ranking high on Google. Before we begin, we want to say that page 1 Google rankings are not enough anymore. With more and more users using their mobile devices to search for businesses online, it becomes incredibly important to make sure you are ranking in the top #3 positions on Google. When you are using a mobile device to look for businesses, it becomes difficult when you are scrolling down all the way to the bottom of page 1 just to find a business.

Common Reasons Why Your Business Is Not Ranking

Let’s go over some common reasons why your business is not ranked in the top #3 positions on Google, or even on page 1 for that matter.

Wrong Keywords Are Used For Companies 

We have found that many websites are using the wrong set of keywords. Choosing the right set of keywords for your website is without a doubt one of the most important factors to consider. If your website is ranked to the top of Google for the wrong keywords, even though you spent all that time and money trying to optimize those keywords to the top, your website will still not perform and bring you the business sales that you are needing. Many companies are using keywords that are very difficult to rank for. For new business owners and companies with a limited budget, you have to focus on longtail SEO keywords for your website.

After a year of proper SEO marketing, once your website is ranked to the top for your longtail keywords, then at that time can you expand and target the very high competition keywords that will bring your website even more traffic.

On-Page SEO Factors Are Severely Lacking

The second point that we want to make is informing business owners that the on-page SEO factors are just as important as the off-page SEO factors. While link building is incredibly important and is a foundation for your website, you cannot skip out on the on-page optimization factors for your businesses website. Before you even start to build any sort of links or drive any traffic to your website, you need to make sure that your website is fully completed. You can easily use our free SEO audit tool that we use here at Tayloright.com to determine our clients on page SEO performance.

Having Duplicate Content Can Ruin Your Website

By having duplicate content we are not just talking about copying and pasting content from one website to another. In fact, duplicate content can be done all with uniquely written content on your own website. What are we talking about? Let’s say you have an e-commerce product website, having duplicate product descriptions across hundreds of product pages is a definite no-no and is considered duplicate content.

When we are optimizing a website for Google we need to think about the optimization from their perspective. How does having duplicate descriptions, title tags, image alt tags etc. increase your website trust in any way shape or form?

Another common mistake we see with duplicate content is businesses located in multiple cities. Copying and pasting text from one city page to another city page and just altering the title tags and URL is also a definite thing to avoid.

Before you begin building any sort of links please make sure that none of your website content is copied. It is best to completely develop your website with content and optimize all the on-page SEO changes before you hire or purchase any sort of link building activities.

Do Not Create Similiar Keyword Based Pages On Your Website

This is something that we see all the time with the New York-based companies that we work with. Let’s say you are a New York-based law firm company. Every single page on your website should be targeting the same set of keywords. It is a terrible idea to have more than one-page targeting similar types of keywords. This confuses Google and it will be a great way to land your website on page 2 or 3 of the search results. However, if you want to rank to the top for your keywords, make sure that Google knows what each page is targeting. To make it really simple, make sure that one-page targets all of your primary keywords and all of the variations on that page.

Your Customers Experience Is More Important Than You Think

When we are talking about the customer experience we are talking about the user experience of your website. When a potential customer visits your website, Google keeps track of many different factors. Some of these different factors include things like the bounce rate, how many views are made on your website and to which pages, the amount of time that customers are spending on your website and many more factors. Google wants to rank the websites that help to inform and educate the user. If users are staying on your website for long periods of time, visiting many pages, and contacting you directly through a contact form, this brings fantastic user signals to your website.

To say it another way, if 90% of your potential customers that are visiting your website stay on just for a few seconds and then leave, this will send terrible signals to Google which will definitely hurt your website rankings.

Website Content Cannot Be Neglected

Years ago you could spam your website with hundreds of low-quality, outsourced type of website content and rank high in the search engines. With the many new updates that Google has put out this is no longer the case. We highly recommend writing valuable content that is engaging and informing the reader. It is better to have 10 high-quality blog posts written on your website than having 200 cheaply made blog posts on your website. Having quality content also helps with user signals as engaging content will help your reader and potential customer stay on your website for longer periods of time.

Do Not Neglect Your Social Media Accounts 

There are some New York-based SEO agencies that do not include any sort of social media marketing for their clients. While they might be developing high-quality links such as editorial based guest posting services, EDU scholarship link building services etc. without the use of social signals your website will have a hard time ranking to the top of Google. In fact, social media marketing can help improve Google rankings even without any sort of backlink building activities.

We recommend a company called buffer.com which allows you to easily post on the top social media accounts. This allows you to save time by posting to all of the social media platforms at one time and offer quality content that is posted regularly, and even scheduled for that matter.

Google Loves Brands

One of the most important steps that you can take in order to ensure online success is to build a brand for your company. Google does not like to see a fly-by-night operation, they like to see businesses that are branded and have a following. By having quality brand signals for your website you are ensuring success for many different reasons. This helps to build incredible trust for your business and is something that Tayloright offers to all of our clients. When link building as an example, do not spam websites with keyword rich anchor text. It is much better to use branded based anchor text as these are very natural link building strategies. This is something we do for 100% of our clients.

Make Sure You Are Only Using Quality Link Building Techniques

We have discussed this many times but we need to bring up this common issue one more time. Many business owners are using low-quality link building techniques that do not build any trust and do not offer anything of real value. If you have a locally based business, quality link building techniques can be obtained by using methods such as citation business directories, quality press release distribution, scholarship contests, and editorial based guest posting services.

Whether you own a local business or a national based company that offers services throughout the United States, quality link building techniques can be used to ensure maximum trust and give good authority signals by Google.

Make Sure You Keep Everything Natural

What we mean by this is the following. Many companies will go out and purchase thousands of backlinks and they are all posted within a couple weeks time. Nothing looks more unnatural to Google than this type of setup. We highly recommend building natural links and add a natural speed. By using editorial based link building methods and using a natural speed when submitting these links, Google will trust your website and your rankings will be stable.

Google is looking for long-term businesses and really favors the stable companies that are not trying to rank overnight. We cannot emphasize this enough, keep your SEO marketing going for the long-term and your rankings will be stable.

Branded Anchor Text Is Key

When building any sort of backlink you need to make sure that you are using branded anchor text. One of the most common reasons why businesses are not ranking to the top of Google is using keyword rich anchor text which will absolutely destroy your trust. Do not use keyword rich anchor text when building any sort of backlinks. Whether you are targeting low competition or high competition keywords, branded anchor text can be used with great success.

Once again, we are trying to keep things natural in the eyes of Google. It is common to build backlinks such as URL based, branded and natural based links. Using a heavy dose of keyword rich anchor text does not look natural and is not the proper way to optimize websites with the Google algorithm.

Google Loves Longevity 

We have discussed this in the past but need to bring it up one more time. Google loves businesses that have been around for many years. If you have created a brand-new website and blasted it with thousands of links whether they are low-quality or high-quality, chances are your website will go into a sandbox. If you have a brand-new website make sure that you are primarily focusing on writing relevant content and gaining proper social signals, to begin with. After a few months, you can start building high-quality backlinks but make sure you start at a low speed.

Too Many Businesses Ignore Reviews

Make sure that you treat your customers right so that you gain positive reviews for your company. Having high-quality Google reviews, for example, will help your Google 3 pack listing rank up higher in the search engines. Try to avoid negative reviews being posted about your company online. When a customer gives you a positive review ask them to post it on your Google listing.

Our Final Thoughts

The techniques that we just discussed will help your website rank higher on Google and the other major search engines. Some of these factors are incredibly important and some are not as important. We recommend that you go through the following steps that we suggested in order to fully optimize your website correctly in the search engines. If you have any questions please feel free to get a hold of us and we can thoroughly analyze your company’s website and give you suggestions.