Top 5 Lake Activity Ideas

Aren’t you getting tired of going to the mall every weekend? Doesn’t it make you feel sick having to think about going to another party this coming Friday? Don’t you feel bored seeing the same sights, going to the same places, and eating at the same restaurants all the time? Well, I am. Don’t get me wrong; the...
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Benefits Of Living An Active Lifestyle

Some people think that exercising, engaging in sports, and waking up early to for a jog can be a real hassle. After all, why choose to voluntarily put yourself under a lot of physical stress when you can just sleep the day away – right? After all, it’s far easier to snore than to catch...
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Natural Ways To Increase Energy Levels

Are you a bit drained lately? No matter how much you sleep or nap, you still end up feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Are you getting in trouble because of it? Feeling anhedonic (losing interest in activities you would normally feel excited about) from time to time is natural. It doesn’t mean you have a mental disorder...
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How To Stay Hydrated While Working Out

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this: You’re running on a treadmill, five minutes in, and you’re already struggling to catch your breath. Heave-ho. You continue for another five minutes – and stop. Running anymore would make your chest collapse. You look down and your world spins around. You pucker your mouth and it feels...
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4 Healthy Nutritional Recipes

“You are what you eat.” Ever heard of this expression? Well, we think it makes sense. Whatever goes into your body creates it. If you have too much baby fat on your belly, then it’s probably because you’re letting too much fat in your system. If your meals consist of bacon, pork belly, steaks, chips, and...
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Rebounding Your Way Into Great Health

An unhealthy lifestyle can feel worse than a breakup. Why, you ask me? Well, let me lay down a few similarities for you: A poor lifestyle can lead to energy loss or a lack of enthusiasm for things that you used to absolutely love in the past. This is because when you’re leading an unhealthy lifestyle...
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Most Popular Road Biking Trails In The USA

Are you lusting for some adventure? Are you tired of your same old job and daily routine? Are you ready for an exciting change in your life? If your answer happens to be “YES” for all three questions, and you happen to love the sound of Extreme Sports, then you’re definitely in the right place. When we talk...
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Free Outdoor Activities For Families

Don’t you just wish you can get a day off with the family? Maybe go for a movie, visit another country, or go have a beach adventure? Family moments are important and we want to experience them as often as we could. However, there are three things that are likely to prevent us from doing...
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Large Group Activity Ideas

If you can choose, would you rather be in a small group or a large one? Say, for a get-together. Most of you would probably answer “small.” After all, it is natural for large group get-togethers to lose intimacy and significance. Celebrations or outings that involve a lot of people usually have a lot of...
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Top 5 Family Vacation Ideas

“A family that prays together stays together.” That’s a common saying among tight-knit families. Overtime, I’ve read many versions of this saying. Some people would replace the word “pray” with “eat” or sometimes, they’d replace it with “spend time”. Today, I will present to you another rendition of this saying. And mine goes: “A family that vacations...
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