My dad, who was also my driving teacher, instructed me to, “Never take your eyes off the road no matter what!” To this day, I still believe this to be very sound advice. Driving on the road can be very dangerous. In fact, an average of 6 million car accidents occur in the United States each year. One careless move and you and your car can receive heavy damage.

The Best Windshield Wiper Blades Reviews In 2018


My dad, who was also my driving teacher, instructed me to, “Never take your eyes off the road no matter what!” To this day, I still believe this to be very sound advice. Driving on the road can be very dangerous. In fact, an average of 6 million car accidents occur in the United States each year. One careless move and you and your car can receive heavy damage. This is why we must always prioritize proper road safety at all times. Having a reliable set that actually work is vital to your driving safety. More

Top 5 Windshield Wiper Blades

Michelin Stealth Windshield Wiper Blades8 ozMichelin
Bosch ICON Wiper Blades3.2 ozBosch
TRICO Ultra High-Performance Beam Wiper5 ozTrico
Al’s Professional Series Wiper Blades8 ozAl's Liner
OEM Genuine AERO Premium All-Season Wiper Blades 12 ozAero

#1 Michelin Stealth Windshield Wiper Blades

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The Tayloright #1 choice is the Michelin Stealth Windshield Wiper Blades. You will not be surprised that Michelin blades are the #1 selection. Michelin is a long-standing name in the car equipment industry and they have earned much praise for producing great, high-quality products. 

Michelin’s Stealth very much deserves its name. Using the company’s exclusive Smart Flex Technology, the blade can perfectly adjust to any type of wiper and can sit perfectly into any curve. It is all too often that your pair come loose because of incorrect fitting, after all. Michelin’s product easily solves this problem with SFT leading to tougher and longer-lasting action.

Also, this particular brand is equipped with an aerodynamic cover that can help prevent clogs and dirt build-up. This technology helps the wiper move in quiet or “stealthy” motions, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and peaceful ride!

Michelin’s Stealth is also long lasting, easy to install and replace. 

If you want the very best brand for your vehicle, choose this one! They are even inexpensive! 

#2 Bosch ICON Wiper Blades

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The Tayloright #2 choice is the Bosch ICON Wiper Blades. Is it a little too cold outside? Not to worry! With Bosch’s ICON wiper beam blades, your car can tread any snowy weather without losing sight of the road. Other brands start to accumulate ice on wipers when the external temperature gets too chilly but thanks to beam blades’ quality tension springs, the blade maintains its flexibility even with the freezing temperature.

Not only that, the Bosch ICON is just as resistant to extreme heat as they are to the intense cold. Using exclusive FX dual rubber as the primary material for the blade, Bosch is able to bring us a type that is not only easy to install but also very, very versatile. It is definitely the wiper you need if you live in a state that experiences all four seasons each year.

Being another big name in the industry, Bosch never fails to design high-quality products. Instead, they keep breaking barriers just to bring us better, more innovative products. 

Try out the Bosch ICON on your own vehicle! 

#3 Made In The USA – TRICO Ultra High-Performance Beam Wiper Blade

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  • 100% USA MADE 



The Tayloright #3 choice is the Made In The USA – TRICO Ultra High-Performance Beam Wiper BladeBeam Blades. Trico Ultra is definitely are a very popular choice. Many car owners have come to love these blades because they do great. Trico Ultra can practically adapt to seasonal changes and maintain flexibility while doing so. Made In The USA’s TRICO Ultra brings us another beam blade that will not only withstand both cold and hot weather conditions. Not all brands are so adaptable to all weather conditions. Many brands will crack over time due to extreme temperature changes.

Using Swift Easy Connection Technology, TRICO Ultra can slip right through most arm attachments quite easily making them very easy to install.

Also, the Chamfer-edge end cap design helps the blade last longer by protecting it from common causes of breakage including ice scraper damage. It’s around 20” long, a typical size for most wipers.

Lastly, because it is crafted using Vortec Aerofoil Technology, you can be sure that your windshield gets cleaner and cleaner with every swoosh of the blade.


#4 Al’s Professional Series Wiper Blades

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The Tayloright #4 choice is the Al’s Professional Series Wiper Blades. One of the most annoying problems car owners encounter with poorly-designed pairs is the uneven streaks left with every wipe. Luckily, Al’s Professional Series  easily solves this problem. By creating a brand that is optimized to help apply even pressure across the entire blade, each wipe is perfectly executed leaving no streaks or watermarks on your windshield. This brand is also known to be very resistant to changes in weather, especially to the cold.

The blades are also made with UV-resistant materials so you can be sure that no harsh sunlight can hasten the expiration of your reliable pair. Also, if Bosch claims that their product can last up to 40% longer than other brands, AI claims to surpass other products in terms of longevity by a good 50%.

Al’s Professional Series are definitely an excellent choice to keep your windshield clean!


#5 OEM Genuine AERO Premium All-Season Wiper Blades

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The Tayloright #5 choice is the OEM Genuine AERO Premium All-Season Wiper Blades. The  brackets allow ice, dirt, and debris to build-up in your windshield wipers. Of course, with more space to hide in, dirt and snow can accumulate twice faster than normal. Having to de-clog your wipers every other day, especially during snow season, can be a real pain and a complete waste of time. Fortunately, the OEM Genuine Aero Premium All-Season brand offer us “bracketless” blades so you can say goodbye to this tedious chore once and for all!

The product’s flexible spine design also helps adjust and fit the blade into the arm attachment perfectly. This, in turn, leads to an evenly-pressured wipe that prevents streaks. These blades are also very durable and shatter resistant. On top of making your windshield spotlessly clear, it can also reduce noise and drag thanks to its aerodynamic design.

The OEM’s Genuine Aero Premium All-Season brand is the #1 top choice for many good reasons. 

Learn More About Windshield Wiper Blades

You’re driving downtown, innocent and unaware that a big downpour will hit your car in the middle of the road. You slow down and try to steer yourself away from the road, only trusting what little you see through the foggy and droopy windshield in front of you. You wonder why you got stuck in this situation in the first place. Oh right! Your windshield cleaning pair gave up on you about a week ago. And to think that you only bought them the week before that, how disappointing. Although it is unfortunate that you find yourself in this sort of situation, I must ask… What are your buying criteria for this specific product? Do you purchase products based on price? Or do you prefer to look at quality? It is important to understand that the situations we find ourselves in are USUALLY the consequences of our own actions. Simply put, if you buy cheap, expect to see yourself braving the worst conditions. After all, the product of poor decision making and bad purchases can never be something good.  Anyway, let’s put a hold on the lecturing. It is not why I wrote this article today. The purpose of this article is to educate and inform you about everything that has to do with windshield wipers: what they are, why you need them, and how you should go about your product purchases. This article will serve as your ultimate guide towards a better, hassle-free ride. Never fear intermittent rain showers ever again. When you have the right partner on your side, you can brave any storm that comes your way. We’ll start with getting to know the object of our interest today. Let’s go!

What Are Windshield Wiper Blades?

As a vehicle owner, I know that you know what these products are. You may not know the exact term for them before this (really awesome) guide, but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them before. They are those long, thin bars, usually made of steel or other metal material that goes whish-whoosh, whish-whoosh in front of your car’s windshield. They are positioned laterally when dormant and swoosh in an up-down motion when turned on. The main purpose of having this piece of contraption installed in your car is that it helps maintain your visual control over the road when it is raining, snowing, or even hailing outside your car. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee that your car will be 100% dry. But a good pair can take most of the external debris away from your field of vision – allowing you to enjoy a smoother, safer drive. Windshield blades are often underappreciated, probably because they aren’t very flashy. They just sit there, and unless rain comes, they simply continue to lie dormant on the windowsill waiting for the next downpour. However, what we fail to notice is that without them, weather-related emergencies can take a very disastrous turn in an instant. It’s a common road protocol to always have working wipers on your car at all times. In fact, many road accidents have been linked to unavailable or defective pairs – especially during bad weather conditions. This is exactly why you should pay more attention to what you buy. Your buying decisions can very well affect what kind of situations you’ll encounter in the days to come. And yes, expect them to be bad.  

The Dangers Of Choosing Low-Quality Windshield Wiper Blades

Buying low-cost products is the primary example of short-lived happiness. You may think you’ve hit the jackpot, especially when you’ve bought your them at a ridiculously cheap price. But when it finally breaks down a year, a month, or even a week after purchase, you’ll realize how gullible you are for falling for the oldest marketing tactic in the book. Before buying anything that seems extremely cheap for a product of its “caliber,” always the second guess your decision. Ask yourself “What in the world is this company thinking about selling something so precious for a sum that’s dirt-low?” If you can’t even think of a good reason yourself, then there must only be one answer: It’s not worth it. Here are some possible COSTS of choosing LOW COST:

It May Not Last Long

Cheap is called cheap for no reason. If anything is sold at an unreasonably low price, you should ask yourself “What’s the catch?” Well, more often than not, the catch is for you to buy the same product AGAIN only after a short while. Just look at it this way: One man bought a pair for a considerable price (a little high but still allowable). This brand serviced the man for 5 years straight without giving him problems. Another man bought another pair for what he assumed was “the best price.” It cost a third of the amount the first man spent. After 6 months, the second guy’s pair broke down – for no extreme reason – and he had to buy another set again. If you analyse this example carefully, you’ll realize that cheap isn’t always cost-efficient. The first man may have had shed the extra cash but it was more of an investment – something that gave him smooth drives and peace of mind for 5 whole years. Now the second man, assuming he bought the same model over and over again and all played out their usability the same way, he would have to buy 10 sets of the same cheap product in the span of 5 years. I know nobody is that stupid, but I’m sure you get the point. He’ll end up spending more than thrice the cost of the high-quality brand on top of getting stressed out whenever he finds himself in an unfortunate situation because of it. I tell you, companies don’t sell cheap items for your benefit. It’s for theirs.

It May Break Down During Crucial Times

Now, this downside is more dangerous than it is inconvenient. Imagine driving on a very busy highway and a sudden downpour happens. You may think for sure that you can drive safely home thanks to your most trusted wipers – but then they break down. What a bummer – and a real hazard! When you buy low-quality gear for your wheels, expect them to break down at the most crucial times. It’s okay if you’re running down a calm street, blessed with time and convenience to drive your car safely towards the side of the road. But what if you happen to find yourself having no such luxury? A busy highway is no joke. You can literally tear your vehicle apart out there, especially when it’s raining hard and everyone else is in a big hurry to get home. When you look for which product to buy, make sure that you always include QUALITY in your buying criteria. Quality goes a long way and it will help you avoid the worst situations. Even if it does mean having to spend a few extra dollars, what is money compared to safety?

It May Put You & Your Family In Risky Situations

Say, you could care less about your own safety. Then how about your friends, family, and colleagues who carpool with you on the way home? Can you really have them gamble with danger? Before heading out of the house, always think Road safety first. Knowing that your loved ones are safe is the best feeling in the world – no amount of money can ever change that. And I really think it’s quite a shame to risk your family’s welfare over a few petty dollars. The money you can earn back but accidents are irreversible. When it happens, it happens. All that’s left for you to do after the fact of the matter has happened is to pick yourself up, clean up your mess, and regret all the wrong decisions you’ve made. Please. Don’t let it get to this point. When you live in rainy, stormy, or snowy areas, having a good pair of blades is a must. Treat it as the precaution for some of the worse situations. You may think that rain is just rain or snow is just snow. But when these two elements come in hefty servings, the road will become a tough ordeal to tread. Always drive prepared.

Your Windshield May Get Damaged

This risk may not affect you or your family on a physical level, but I’m pretty sure it’ll affect you on a financial and emotional level. You love your wheels, don’t you? After all, you must’ve spent a great deal of money on it. So what if I tell you that having low-quality blades may possibly damage your windshield soon. How will you react? I’m sure you’ll feel very alarmed – and for good reason. Buying or getting your windshield replaced is no pocket change and I don’t think you can stand looking at a scratched windshield either. No, definitely not on your precious baby. It is simply too horrifying. You can curse all you want, rant all day long, and try to wipe it off as hard as you could. Unfortunately, blade scratches are impossible to get rid of. It’s either you live with it or you change the entire thing completely. So, let me ask you again. Are you sure that yo are will to spend $100-$400 dollars on a windshield replacement because of a $5 dollar product you bought off Walmart? You should already know the answer.

It Will Cost You More In The Long Run

Lastly, the biggest problem with buying cheap, low-grade products is that you’ll end up spending more because of frequent replacements and refills. You’ll find yourself thinking “If I knew it would turn out like this, I should’ve bought the more expensive one in the first place.” Well, stop saying “if you knew” because I know that you perfectly did. You just chose to buy the cheaper product because you were too penny-pinching to care. If you’re old enough to be driving, then you should also be old enough to know that nothing good ever comes of buying anything dirt cheap. There is always a reason why companies offer their product at low prices so don’t fall for every SUPER MEGA SALE sign you see at the local hardware. Chances are that the product is already about to expire or they’re not selling too well for years now and so, the company just wants to dispose of them. Before you buy, think twice. Here are common problems that may arise from poor quality buys:

The Benefits Of Having A Good Windshield Wiper Blade

Now that we are all done talking about the dangers and disadvantages of buying low-cost and poor quality brands, it is about time we try to see the brighter side of the coin. There is no good without the bad, after all. This time, let’s discuss the many benefits of having good windshield cleaners, what it can mean for you, how it can help your family, and how it can promote road safety. Without further ado, here are the benefits of choosing quality:

Be Confident In Weathering Any Storm

First up is confidence. When you’ve got excellent an excellent pair attached to your windshield you become more confident when driving. You can challenge anything that may come your way, be it rain, snow, hail, or storm. With a good pair of blades to get you through them all, you hardly fear sudden changes in the weather. It reduces road anxiety and increases your perceived safety meter, giving you the confidence to embark on your journey stress and worry-free!

No Need To Constantly Worry About Maintenance

Speaking of worry, another benefit of buying a good pair of wipers right off the bat is that you don’t have to worry about your wiper maintenance all the time. Although it is important to be on top of things and to regularly check the condition of your wipers, you wouldn’t have to do it so frequently if you know that you’re using a brand you can REALLY trust. In other words, the paranoia caused by having previous ones go rogue on you in the middle of the road will be long gone – allowing you to drive with a peaceful state of mind. With a good set of blades, your wiper maintenance appointments may be minimized to four times a year instead of eight times, or maybe even less frequent than that. 

Your Windshield Remains Clean & Scratch-free

One thing that worries many drivers most about getting a new set is whether it will perform exactly the same way (or better) than their previous ones. Not all brands are created the same way and some of them may even cause irreversible damage to your windshield. By irreversible damages, I do mean those annoying scratches on your car’s windshield caused by faulty or low-grade products. Scratches are impossible to remove after the deed is done. They are also very hard to notice when the rain is still pouring outside. For all you know, every swish and swoosh your blades make across your windshield is already causing some of these scratches to form. The external weather conditions are simply making it hard for you to see. Unfortunately, by the time you notice them, it’s all good and done with. It is either you live with the damage or replace the whole thing completely. You’re left with no other choice besides these two. So take my advice. Buy a good pair of blades right from the start. Trust me, you will regret lesser things.

Utilize The Cost You Paid For Fully

Lastly, when you purchase high-quality products for your vehicle, you are putting in a good investment for the future. Why? Well, that’s because you won’t be replacing them anytime soon. You’ll be using them for such a long time that you won’t even remember the exact day you bought them. You’ll be utilizing every fraction of a cent you paid for them. As per our previous example earlier (the price vs. quality comparison) we talked about how good blades can pay off their worth through the efficient and long-lasting service they provide. We’ve also mentioned how buying cheaper, low-grade blades can cost you more in the long run. Always keep these points in mind when making your purchases. After all, it’s better to invest in something that stays, than splurge your money on something temporary.

How To Choose The Best Windshield Wiper Blades

So now that I’ve enlightened you on the dangers and benefits of making the wrong and right (respectively) buying decisions, it’s time to give you a more comprehensive guide to purchasing the PERFECT pair for your car. You see, every car would require a unique set of blades to go with them. Oftentimes, we look for the right design to meet our car’s aesthetic needs. But more than looks, there are a few key qualities you must look for in every set o you buy. These “must-have” qualities will determine whether your new pair of wipers will make it or break it, literally. For your safety and of those around you, take note of these quality signals on your next purchase:

Always Go For Quality

I don’t know if I can ever stress this enough. Despite the price, always base your decisions on quality. When you do, you can never go wrong. Good quality means that your purchase will go a long way. It means that you’ll get to utilize your purchase to the best of its abilities and that it’ll stick around for such a long time you’ll actually get annoyed with it. There are many ways you can determine that a product is indeed a quality buy. You can check out product specifications, consumer reports, online reviews and ratings. There is a vast bank of information available with a single click. When you don’t know where to start; ASK GOOGLE. 

Material Is NEVER Not A Concern

Next, the product material is where everything begins and ends. When the material used is poor in the first place, you can’t expect the finished product to perform any better. The material, after all, is like the skeleton of the product. Just like in humans, if the skeleton is brittle, the rest of the body can easily collapse. The material, on top of the ergonomic design, is what holds a product together. It also decides how long a product will continue serving its purpose. When the material reaches its limit, the entire product breaks apart. In the case of the product we’re reviewing, the most ideal material you should look for is high-quality rubber. The wiper should also be made from a sturdy material such as steel, corrosion-resistant steel, to be exact. You should find something that can withstand the harshest downpours and the heaviest blizzards. You should also opt for materials that are safe to use against your windshield. Otherwise, you’ll end up with those nasty scratches!  

See To It That The Price Is Right

I know I keep saying that you should value quality over price. I will not retract that statement. However, I can add more to it. Value quality over price but make sure you don’t get duped in the process. You can get high-quality blades for a price that’s just right. When the price of a product is too cheap, raise your suspicions. When the price of a product is too expensive, use your common sense. If there is nothing about the product that is particularly great or different from other well-performing brands, then why buy it? A product’s price increases because of three typical factors: quality, longevity, and features. If you don’t see anything that makes a particular product superior to other brands in terms of these three factors, then there’s no valid reason for it to be priced so high. In other words, it’s a rip-off buy. It would be best to just avoid it. 

Durability Is Very Important

Remember that you’re going to expose these blades to a lot of tough weather conditions. In order for them to withstand such harsh environments, they have to be EXTRA durable – not unless you want to change and buy new ones every month or so. Quality and durability always come together hand-in-hand. When a product is of good quality, it should also be durable. After all, durability is a major quality SIGNAL you must see in a product before you even make any purchase. It is important to note that durability doesn’t just rely on the product material either. It is the combination of many factors that make a product worthy to be called “the durable kind.” First is flexibility. Your blade will typically last longer if it can fit itself perfectly on the wiper arm attachments. In order for this to be possible, the blade should be flexible and must take on the shape of any wiper type. Some blades will break if you force them to bend; others will not bend completely. These types are something you must definitely avoid. Next, what hastens their expiration are the external elements that get in contact with it. Usually, it’s rainwater, snow, dust, and other road debris. Rainwater is okay as it usually just evaporates when the weather lets up. Snow, on the other hand, can be a pretty tough and damaging opponent. Snow and ice crystals (that form when the weather outside is too cold) can get stuck inside its brackets. This exposes the blade to a damaging foreign element for prolonged periods of time and may cause it to deteriorate faster than it should. If you’re not one to check and clean wiper brackets every other day or so, and you live in a typically snowy state, the solution to this is to buy BRACKET-LESS types. This way, you can have your helpful pair running for a longer period of time.  

Make Sure You Trust The Manufacturer

Many people say “It’s not about the brand.” Well, I beg to differ. When you’re unfamiliar with the market (who buys these things on a daily basis, right?) and unwilling to gamble on brands that turn out to be a complete waste of time, then I say brands DO matter. To be more specific, it is not the brand you should be after but the manufacturer. Big brands are often manufactured by familiar names in the industry. This means that they have influence over the market and an image to protect. Manufacturers like these wouldn’t be so careless as to produce mediocre products for their names’ sake! I wouldn’t go as far as saying that all branded products are the best. But at the very least, they are not the worst. What I’m trying to say is that when you buy a branded product, you buy the trust that comes with the name. It’s the safest choice, in my opinion. 

Buy From A Manufacturer With A Physical Office

Next, there are so many places you can buy this product from nowadays. There are even online automobile shops that sell them – free shipping. Shopping has drastically changed for the better when the internet came, but it is not at all times safe. Independent sellers, for example, may or may not have a physical office for their shop. They could be selling from home, and of course, will not provide any particular information about their personal address. Ordering products from a shop or online store with no physical address are not the wisest buying move in the history of buying moves. Just think about it. Without a physical address, where are you supposed to ship the products back when they turn out to be unsatisfactory – or worse, defective? Unless you know the seller personally, or made clear about the store’s return policy, refrain from making any purchases with unofficial online stores. Large, reputable online shopping websites such as eBay and Amazon are better options.

Hear Out Former Users’ Suggestions & Opinions

Finally, there is power in public opinion. Surely, you’re not the only person in the world who has had problems with these things. There are several – no, thousands of you who have undergone the same disappointing situation. Moreover, there are bound to be people who’ve used your product prospects before and maybe even shared their experiences for the rest of the buying public to see. Reviews, testimonials, complaints, and buying guides (like this one) are all helpful resources that can assist you in your search for the best brand ever. Value other people’s opinions. More than that, ask close friends and family about their own preferences. Surely, you’re not the only one with a car in the family! Choosing the right pair is an uncommon problem, you see. Everyday people encounter the same problem all the time. What you need to do is to get in touch with these people – online and offline – and ask them for their valuable suggestions. You really don’t have to go through everything just to learn that you made a bad choice. There are certainly other, less expensive ways out there. This is one of them.

How To Care For Windshield Wiper Blades

Buying the right set of blades is just the start of a long and winding journey with your car wiper – literally. If you’ve decided to buy them, you should be a responsible owner and care for them appropriately. After all, they’re doing the hard part. The least you can do is to help make sure that they are maintained properly. Here’s how you can do it:

Check On Them Regularly

Car wipers are often overlooked – especially when it’s not rainy season. But it is actually during the driest days that your blades can get damaged the most. They may eventually become too brittle due to so much exposure to sunlight. Keeping them dormant for a very long time does not help much either. It will only hasten their expiration – and boy don’t you want that to happen. Expired rubber can deal terrible damage on your windshield. When some of the rubber starts to fall apart, it exposes the sharp metal underneath (or the skeleton of the wiper). This elongated piece of metal can cause awful scratches on your windshield that cannot be removed using normal means. But what’s done is done and you’ll only find yourself regretting the fact that you didn’t take care of them enough.

It’s Better To Keep Them Dry

Too much dryness is an issue – especially when the summer heat is scorching outside. However, moist environments aren’t better either for it encourages the build-up of dirt and grime. If left unattended, this build-up of dirt can stain the glass near your wiper leaving a nasty looking mark. So between wet and dry, dry actually is better. Just make sure that it isn’t left too dry. Wiping the blades with a damp cloth should help preserve the material as well as make sure that it’s dry enough to resist the growth of bacteria.

Make Sure That They Are Sufficiently Lubricated

Here I’m talking about your car wiper as a whole. The swish-swoosh motion of the car wiper is facilitated by a 90 degree cranking mechanism that can eventually turn rusty when simultaneously exposed to water, air, and sunlight. Add the fact that it has to brave this external environment while lying dormant for a very long time – especially when rainy days won’t be visiting for a while. In order to combat rust, you need to make sure that you’re wipers are well-lubricated. Also, choose oil over grease. 

Get Them Running Every Now & Again

Finally, just because it isn’t raining doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your wipers do some warm-ups. Like people, machines need exercise in order to avoid getting rusty. Turn them on every now and then even if you have no particular reason to do so. This’ll help keep them in shape and ready for the next downpour.

Replace On First Signs Of Damage

Damaged blades are no good and may even cause disastrous damage on your windshield. When the rubber is chipped, or has already become too dry, it can feel a bit edgy and rough to the touch. This texture is not good for your windshield and may cause scratches that will be tough to get rid of. On worse cases, you’ll be left with no other choice but to change your window entirely – and boy would that be expensive. When you notice the first few signs of damage to your set, or hear soft screeching sounds when you turn them on, then examine them closely. If you’ve assessed that the material of the blades are expired or damaged already, change them as soon as possible. If envitable, refrain from using your wipers if you still haven’t got the chance to replace them to avoid inflicting unnecessary scratches on your windshield. I’m telling you, paying for a new set is way cheaper than replacing a heavily scratched windshield. Make the wiser choice.


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