Welcome to my top #5 recliner chair reviews! A comfortable recliner chair is a piece of furniture you should not be living without. In my opinion, every home should have at least one comfortable recliner chair in it. Robert De Niro said, “If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.” Do you ever feel like you want to get away? That bottled up feeling of being so tired of doing the same routine each and every day.

The Best Recliner Chairs Reviews In 2018


Welcome to my top #5 recliner chair reviews! To sum it up, this product is a piece of furniture you should not be living without. In my opinion, every home should have at least one comfortable spot. Robert De Niro said, “If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.” More

Top 5 Recliner Chairs

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner89 poundsFabric
Ashley Furniture Signature Design 145 poundChenille
Homall’s Single Recliner Chair61 poundsNot leather
Lifestyle Power Recliner77 poundFabric
Chenille Fabric Upholstered Power Lift Recliner114 poundsFabric

#1 Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

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The Tayloright #1 choice is the Baby Relax’s Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner. I will discuss the reasons why this product is named what it is.

Baby.  Mikayla’s playfully chic design is very youthful and modern looking. With the white accented, gray exterior and retro-inspired button tufts, this lovely piece of furniture will definitely give any room a sophisticated touch. The Baby Relax’s Mikayla chair is truly baby-friendly. This chair is perfect for rocking, reading, singing, snuggling or sleeping in it with your baby. This model is ideal for nursing mothers or anyone who enjoys a blend of beauty and comfort.

Relax. The Mikayla model sure knows how to put the word “relax” in relaxation! Its entire exterior is enveloped in microfiber material that is very soft to the touch. Surely, your baby wouldn’t be the only one enjoying this groundbreaking product, you will be too. With the Baby Relax’s Mikayla chair, you can enjoy baby time just as much as your baby does, maybe even more so.

Swivel. All recliner sofas recline, but not all of them swivel! This, I believe is a nice added feature to the Mikayla model. This added feature comes at no extra cost, the Baby Relax’s Mikayala is very affordable. Rocking your baby, or yourself in this comfortable seat is easy and fun because it swivels side to side.

Gliding. The Baby Relax’s Mikayla glides so smoothly, it is so comfortable! The glide feature is just another awesome feature of this model. 

Recliner. Of course, this comfy one-man sofa reclines. The question is, how well does it recline? The Baby Relax’s Mikayla chair has very easy to use controls. I own this particular product and have sat in it and used the controls myself. I love this model so much I have selected it for my top #1 choice! It has an easy-pull function that automatically props up the leg support and/or fully reclines the chair. It’s even ideal for taller people as well. So if you are over 6′ tall, no worries, you will love this to have this new living room addition!

In summary, whether you have a baby or not, the Mikayla will leave you feeling like a baby yourself! My baby may be a toddler now, but I still enjoy relaxing in the Baby Relax’s Mikayla daily! The swivel function has gotten a little bit rusty over time, but the spring core is still as “springy” as ever. The Baby Relax’s Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is stylish, comfortable, and provides great lower body support. 

#2 Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Ernestine Power Lift Recliner

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The Tayloright #2 choice is the Ernestine Power Lift Recliner, a Signature Design by Ashley Furniture. This chair is so classy and expensive looking. It is the kind of furniture that can change the atmosphere inside a room from dull and boring to elegant and fancy. 

The Ernestine Power Lift  is cushioned quite comfortably with generous amounts of highly-resilient foam. It is also one of the most spacious models available in the market. The seating area on this chair can literally fit two petite individuals at the same time! It is just that spacious. 

The power lift basically lets you experience every movement and direction possible. You can lay back, lift your legs, or tilt to stand with a push of a button. Going back, the thing that enables the Ernestine to be so flexible in terms of movement is its dual motor system. Not all recliner chairs operate using a dual motor system, so it is a very nice added feature.

The only downside, in my opinion, is the material used for the creation of this product. It is upholstered with polyester material. And polyester has this reputation for badly irritating the skin after a few washes. It can become a little too crisp that it may feel itchy overtime. But that is just my personal research I have done on polyester. 

#3 Homall’s Single Recliner Chair

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The Tayloright #3 choice is the Homall’s Single Recliner Chair. I selected this brand because it is the most practical option found online. Homall’s Single chair is super comfortable and has a very sleek design.

But the biggest reason to purchase the Homall’s Single is the price. It is priced much lower than other similar products on the market today. Compared to other brands and models, Homall’s recliner is at least three times cheaper! But, just because it is priced much lower than other brands does not mean that it is any less quality. The Homall’s Single uses a pushback mechanism that is very easy to use. You just lean back and relax. This model is ideal for reading, watching a movie, or taking a nap. 

Besides being inexpensive, this particular model is extremely easy to assemble. It honestly takes less than ten minutes to put this entire thing together. The easy assembly makes this model perfect for people who are too busy to mind complicated setups.

The first downside of this brand is, it is not designed for tall people. It is ideal for people who are 5′ 7″ or under.  The second downside of this model is the material the exterior is made of. It is made out of a leather material. This material is man-made, easy to clean and nice to the touch, but can feel a bit sticky after sitting in it a while. Especially if you live in a humid area, the Homall’s Single may not be the most comfortable  for you. The third downside of this chair is, the seat itself is a bit firmer than others. People who prefer a stiffer seat do find this chair very comfortable.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t beat the price of this single reclining sofa! If you want one at home, but have little cash to spare, the Homall’s Single is the perfect choice for you! 

#4 Lifestyle Power Recliner

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The Tayloright #4 choice is the Lifestyle Power Recliner Fabric Chair. If you like the look of modern furniture, then this model designed by Lifestyle may just be the chair for you. Its functions are highly automated despite how easy the installation process is. The recline function is powered automatically and may be controlled with a simple push of a button. Plus, this model even has a built-in USB charging port ideal for people who are tech-savvy. The Lifestyle Power Recliner is perfect if you wish to keep your electronic device plugged in and charging, all while sitting in a comfy seat. This great added feature is so nice, it allows you to watch videos, surf the internet, view social media, text, and call without worrying about your electronic device losing power. I have not seen many other brands with a USB plug-in option! 

Although I have not personally owned this reclining sofa, or know someone who personally owns this model, I can still say I am intrigued by it enough list it among my top #5 selection. I have been using a traditional brand, you see. Although I really love it, it’s still a shame that it does not have a USB port! Not only does this model have a USB port, but the design of the chair looks classy. I love the light taupe color and the fabric appears to be soft and comfy. 

This model also has a lay flat mechanism. This lay-flat mechanism allows the product to adjust to a point that it extends like a bed! This awesome feature makes the Lifestyle Power Fabric Chair perfect for people who prefer to lie completely flat during their naps. Although the sitting space appears to be a bit narrower compared to other models, it can fit medium to large body types quite comfortably. The foam is evenly distributed through the seat, back, arm, and leg rests. This model looks so plush and timeless! I would love to own this brand someday!

#5 Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Chenille Fabric Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

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The Tayloright #5 choice is the Coaster Casual Chenille Fabric Upholstered Power Lift Recliner. Wow, that is a rather long name! But the length of its name may just give us a clue about how durable and long-lasting this brand is. This model is made of chenille fabric making it not only soft but beautiful looking as well.

Coaster Home Furnishings brings us a model that looks classic and timeless. It may look like the typical kind but this model is automated and battery powered. Coaster Home Furnishings blended a classic design with modern features perfectly in this model. Just like Lifestyle, this model is operated with an automatically adjusted recline mechanism. With the Coaster Chenille Fabric recliner, you can adjust the leg lift to your desired position with just a push of a button. The recline position can also be adjusted in a similar way. Another nice thing about this product is that it’s so easy to set-up. In fact, setting it up is so simple and quick that you can do it in less than 15 minutes! Plus the foam inside makes it so plush. You will want to keep relaxing in this chair much longer than you maybe should. 

If you are looking for a nice gift for your parents, grandparents, or maybe even yourself, that is priced just right, then this product is a great choice. This model is also available in a few different colors including charcoal. The nice thing about a darker color like charcoal is that you will not need to wipe it clean as often as you would lighter tones.

The main downside of this reclining sofa is, it is not designed for tall people. Make sure to check the product dimensions before purchasing to see if you will fit in this small chair. I would safely say that if you are 5′ 5″ or under you will fit nicely in this petite model.

Learn More About Recliner Chairs

Most people have this common misconception about recliner chairs. They seem to think that it’s only for old people and for people who have lost their ability to sit upright. Well, we’re here to prove you wrong. And to prove that, by assigning roles and determining a product’s value through inaccurately established stereotypes, you are missing out on of the best inventions ever made by man.  Who wouldn’t love these comfy seats? They’re the most relaxing household item to own. Imagine having something to completely resign your exhausted backs to after a long, hard day at work. You’re stressed, your body’s fatigued, and you feel practically drained of all your life energy. Having something with luxuriously tempting comfort waiting for you at home can really help bring your spirits up – even if it’s just a little bit! The thought of my own reclining sofa (Yes, I actually have one) at home literally sends chills of excitement down my spine as I write this sentence. I just love my chair that much. However, it is important to note that not all recliner chairs can provide the same indulging comfort. I guess it would be safe to say, that not all people are wired the same way. What works for you may not work for me, and what’s comfortable for you may not at all be comfortable for me. This actually reminds me of a past experience I had. I remember having a medium-firm type of foam on my bed that made my back ache all the time. It wasn’t rock hard or anything but it was very firm. I bought it because the shop clerk told me it helps with posture, spine alignment, and stuff like that. But still, it hardly worked any miracles for me and I still suffered from discomfort during my sleep. After a good while of sleeping on my new, yet uncomfortable foam, I went to my Dad’s place for a holiday and stayed overnight. His guest room had a feathery foam bed and boy, did it make me drool in my sleep. The foam was definitely the perfect match for me – it was heavenly! It just so happens that my Dad is using the same kind of foam in his room and was complaining about how he would get a stiff neck or all the time. And so, long story short, we made a simple switch – his foam for mine. And just like that, my life was changed forever. As I was saying, every human body is wired to be uniquely different. Everyone doesn’t go through an experience the same way. Some love soft, feathery-like comfort like me, while others like firm and medium-hard comfort like my dad. Others don’t have any preferences at all! This is why it is also important to consider your personal inclinations (and obsessions) when buying household wares.  But, wait! Here I am babbling on and on about recliners without even asking if you already know about them. Sorry for my rudeness, anyhow, let’s rewind a bit and start from the beginning.

What Is A Recliner Chair?

Well, they are named exactly like how they function. They are chairs that recline. If you’ve been to an outdoor pool before or a local resort (I’d be more surprised if you haven’t yet), then you’ve definitely seen one already. That chair-bed thing people lie on to, either on their front or back, to give themselves a nice tan is a type of recliner. So it’s basically furniture that allows people to lie on their backs comfortably in a slightly elevated position. It gets you into a relaxing position in which you’re not completely lying down nor sitting too upright. This is why indoor models have always been a popular choice for many homeboys and gals. It’s the perfect thing to have for Netflix binge-watching weekends or video game all-nighters. They’re too comfy to resist!

When Is The Right Time To Buy A Recliner Chair?

To be completely frank with you, anytime is the perfect time to buy this nifty living room addition! Have you been working the long hours? Or, maybe you’ve been pulling of sleepless nights studying for the upcoming exams? Whatever you’re doing, you deserve a good ol’ seat to do all those things with. It helps you achieve those sacred power naps too whenever you decide to go for a short break. Do more things by making your workspace more comfortable with your new fave pal. Best part: You never have to worry about getting back to bed whenever you end up being too tired again. You can just kick on the recliner’s adjuster (or push a button, pull a lever, or whatever mechanism it uses), and you’re instantly off to dreamland. Such bliss! Wouldn’t you agree?

Things To Look For In A Recliner Chair

These plump seats are awesome – no questions about it. However, not all kinds of recliners offer the same degree of comfort and satisfaction to its users. Even if we rule personal preference out of the picture, some models simply don’t feel right. And, it’s important for you to have a great experience with your very first purchase. Otherwise, it’ll ruin the whole idea for you! So, in order for us to make sure, that you end up buying the right one for you. Here are a few tips on what you should be looking for:


As mentioned earlier, comfort is a very big concern. Your sofa can look a decade old but still feel really comfortable. People may be attracted to the design, style, and aesthetic of certain furniture at first sight but it’s the quality and comfort that make them stay. When choosing which brand to buy, always take your preferences into account. This criterion is highly subjective and ultimately, differs in every person’s case. You can use your favorite bed mattress as a reference on what level of softness or firmness you’d like to have for your new comfy item. Find something that’s just right.


Recliners may come in two ways: manually adjusted and automatically (or electrically) adjusted. 

Manual Adjustment

I say manual, but it’s really not that hard. One type pulls back and adjusts it’s back and leg support when you recline your back on to the backrest or push towards the leg or feet adjuster. It’s called manual because you have to exert a bit of effort into changing the chair’s position but it’s really not that difficult. I personally own this type of recliner and I can tell you that it’s very, very comfortable. You can pull up a chair, or lie straight to bed after a hard day’s work but nothing compares to the conducive comfort these uniquely engineered sofas give you.

Automatic Adjustment

When you say automatic, it simply means that the process of movement is facilitated by something “automated” like a button or a lever. It doesn’t straight-up mean that it’s the most convenient way to do things. As I said, manually adjusted models are just as good and comfortable as automatically adjusted ones. The only difference, really, is in the manner of convenience. When you adjust manually, you recline your back and exert a bit of force to swing the chair upward. When you adjust automatically, the chair reclines as you push a button or pull on a lever – of course, the extent to which the chair reclines can be adjusted as well. So when you really think about it, both ways are pretty easy. It’s all a matter of preference and capacity. If you think you don’t have the ability to stretch out your legs and pull back anymore, then automatically-adjustable models might be the best thing for you. Manual or automatic, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the adjustability feature of your chair is flexible. In such a way that when days come and you feel like lying your back low (almost to the point of lying down), it’s possible. Or, when you feel like you need just a little bit of recline, it’s also possible. Adjustability is a very important thing to consider when choosing which product to purchase. Again, just take into account your own preferences and you will never go wrong.


Next on our list is material. Let me ask you, what type of bedding material do you feel most comfortable with in your sleep? Do you like the satiny feel? Or, does it make you feel too hot? How about cotton? You can never go wrong with cotton. Thing is, the type of material used for the seat is very important in facilitating the right comfort. From the foam, to the sheets, down to the type and quality of upholstery, all these factors contribute to how much you get to enjoy your comfy space. In the following text I will give you a quick rundown on the common types of materials used and what each material may feel like.


 Cotton is definitely the fabric that is heaven-sent. It is cool, crisp, and light to the feel – perfect for humid summer nights or airy winter mornings. Cotton is very breathable; it allows moisture and air to come to and fro from the weaves of the sheets. Having cotton as the sheet material can definitely make your mid-afternoon naps something to look forward to. Add it to a firm backrest, and it just might as well be the perfect cure for your tired and fatigued body. Having a firm back and leg support can help you maintain a proper posture even while you nap!


The same crisp and airy feel for the sheets, but a softer and cloudier foam for the back and leg rest. This combination is perfect for people who are looking for fluffy naps. Indulge yourself with the cotton’s lightness and the foam’s fluffiness by choosing a combination of both materials. If I had to put it into words, it would be like “napping on air.”


 Many brands go for the sleek, smart look and sport leather upholstery instead of soft sheets. Leather-based exteriors may feel hot during summer months but pure bliss during the harsh winter. Leather doesn’t make much room for air to pass through so it’s not very ideal for places with hot temperatures (You’ll end up really sweaty after your nap!) but it does absorb heat very well so it’s a good body warmer in places with painfully cold weather. Partnered with a firm back and leg rest, you get a design that is muy macho. Definitely ideal for people who feel comfortable resting in aligned, well-founded surfaces.


There are leather-type models, however, designed with much softer foam on the inside. This makes the exterior firm and edgy but the inside comfort very conducive. So it’s like the perfect blend of opposites. If you like to experience both sensations at the same time, then this particular type may fit you very well! Okay. So these are just a couple of examples. I can assure you that there is a lot more variety available in the market. Some of the best ones are even available online and can be delivered right to your doorstep! 


Next on our list, we have durability. This is a very important factor you should consider when choosing which reclining seat to buy. How long the product stays with you, how much you can get back for your investment, and how it can improve your quality of life are all important things to take into account during your selection process. Let’s face it. Buying home furniture isn’t at all cheap – especially when you’re buying well-known, quality brands. The most you can do to make sure your investment is not put to waste is to buy something that is built to last. Furniture used for seating receive a lot of pressure, you see. It has to put up with weight, movement, and prolonged stress. Any other cheapskate product will not be able to handle such pressure. And thus, comes the need for quality. Buying a product, although cheap, that wouldn’t last long is as good as a dead investment. You’ll wind up buying something of better quality in the long run. To avoid, unnecessary expense, don’t you think buying something that will last in the first place is a better choice? Buy quality; buy something durable. Something expensive now may turn out cheap in the long run. Look at your purchases in terms of their durability. Something you bought for $100 that lasts for 6 months is far more expensive than buying a good brand for $600 that lasts for five years. Know the difference. 


Also, we have springiness. I’m not sure if you’re all too familiar with the term but when I say springiness, I’m referring to the ability of a product to get back into shape after prolonged use. We’re heavy, okay? Humans as we are, we carry a lot of weight. This is regardless of how fat or skinny we are. When we put our weight on something soft over long periods of time, chances are, the exterior will get most of the blow. The foam will get saggy; the covers will get weary. Sooner than later, our “new” purchase will look like they’ve been with us for 20 years or so! But, that isn’t always the case – especially when you buy well-crafted items. Recliner chairs of great quality also score excellently on springiness. The ability to recover even after long hours of staying in an idle position, carrying a lot of weight, is a definitive sign of the excellent condition. The “springiness” of the material will highly depend on the materials used and the craftsmanship invested. It takes a good pair of hands and a keen eye for quality to ensure that the products you purchase will exceed expectations in the long run. 

Hand, Machine, Or Dry Clean

Because we sit on them daily, reclining sofas are very prone to soiling and stains – especially when we designate it as our all-around favorite chair. We eat snacks, drink sodas, and do all sorts of things in these comfy seats so it’s only natural for them to get soiled and dirty. Even if you are careful enough not to spill or drop anything, they still accumulate dust overtime. This calls for the help of cleaners. But, how much do you think getting a massive, bulky chair cleaned will cost you? A couple of tens, maybe even hundreds? Well, I for one would prefer to do it by myself, at home! So another big consideration would be: Are the covers detachable or replaceable? Are they machine-washable? Or maybe they should always be hand-washed? Whichever the case may be, the only important thing is that you find something convenient for you – and well, cheaper for you. Why pay if you have ample time to do it yourself, right?  If a certain brand doesn’t come with its own cover or sheet, you can have one custom-made for it. This way, you can just take it off for a good wash and put it back on after it dries. It’ll definitely help you preserve your furniture’s awesome look! 

Size & Length

Lastly, you need to check the dimensions of the chair before you even get it sent to your front door! Although many online shops have awesome return policies, still, this type of purchase is a bit too big to send back. To avoid making a bad purchase, always look before you dive. Make sure you’re buying something that can fit you comfortably. Some models also come with head and leg supports that only work for people of a certain height. When you’re over 6-foot tall, buying a 5-foot length seat would be disastrous. Chances are, your head would be way over the top, your legs far beneath the end of the leg raiser, and your back will experience an irregular recline – this defeats your entire reason for buying this product in the first place! So a word of advice from us, always read the fine print. Online shops are generous enough to feature product specifications on each page, so you can’t really blame them for your own carelessness. Select a chair that is slightly longer than you or the person that will be sitting in the chair. 

Benefits of Having A Recliner Chair

Although these comfy seats may seem like a “want” more than a “need,” there’s really no harm in spoiling yourself with the extra comfort when you can afford it. You go out for drinks all the time (probably), order take-out, watch the latest movies, and even splurge a bit on random shopping just to ease yourself from the stress you’ve built up at work. So why should buying a recliner chair be any different? If anything, buying one would actually help you save up on those small yet unnecessary expenses you incur whenever you come by the local mall. Trust me, when you have this lovely seat at home, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! A chill, Netflix marathon at home would even feel more tempting than a night out with the gang – not that you should start refusing every invitation you get through. Anyway, there are many benefits to using this item. And they can range from the not-so-significant to the downright important. So why don’t we just discuss them all, right here and now?

Five Awesome Benefits To Owning A Recliner Chair

Have Something To Look Forward To After Work

Have you ever felt more tired at home than you are at work? Like, there really is nothing special to look forward at home so why bother finishing up work early? The best thing you can give yourself is the feeling of being rewarded every time you do a job well done. And nothing says rewarding than indulging yourself in maximum comfort – the kind of comfort only the best seats can provide! Give yourself a reason to work hard and fast by bringing a little piece of heaven back to your home – or delivered to your doorstep, whichever way you think is best. The thought of giving it your all at the moment, in order to resign to conducive comfort later on is enough to drive your spirits up like crazy. Weekdays will seem just as fun as weekends when you know how to reward yourself. Have TV dinner, play an hour of your favorite RPG game, or check out the latest movies on Netflix – do everything you can possibly think of while lounging on your fave recliner. Plan your days right but plan your nights better. Make sure that there is always a fun activity waiting for you at home.

Time To Get Comfier, Healthier Naps!

Has insomnia ever been a problem for you? Do you find it hard to practice power-napping? Do you feel restless despite the long hours you invest in sleeping? Well, maybe you’re not resting your body right. Oftentimes, we abuse our own bodies thinking we’re still young and able. We pull up a blanket and nap on an uneven couch, lean on a table and rest our head on crossed-arms, or even just cover our faces with a handkerchief and take a short snooze on our office swivel chair. Well, as much as I do get the fact that we always don’t have the time, or the luxury, to properly rest our bodies, napping in such conditions only worsens our need for rest and even disturbs our natural body clock. In order to address this problem, you need to have your habits fixed. First, identify what needs to be improved – your sleeping manner probably being the most urgent of them all. Next, make it a point to schedule your naps as well as the time you retire to bed. And lastly, get something that can facilitate good rest. I’m only suggesting a reclining sofa since it’s the most convenient thing. Also, it helps rest your head, back, and lower body more efficiently by supporting your body’s focal stress points. This helps you achieve better rest and a healthier physique! 

If All Else Fails, It Can Double As A Bed For Spontaneous Sleepovers

Okay. So, this one is a pretty funny benefit – but a benefit nonetheless. If you live in a small apartment complex, a condo, or one-bedroom home, it can be quite a problem when some of your friends come over for a spontaneous visit. More so, when they made up their minds to personally invite themselves for a sleepover – in your house (I’m sure you have friends like these!). The biggest headache is to get them somewhere to sleep. If you have a recliner chair at your disposal, you can easily offer them your own bed and take your own deep rest in your comfy space. Or, you can have it the other way around. I personally think that offering your recliner, or offering your bed, is a much more acceptable proposal than getting them to sleep on the kitchen floor, or the living room carpet – wouldn’t you agree? Take this as a form of advice from someone who’s pretty much used to getting kicked out of her own room for years now. Having this product at home helps – a lot.  

  Say Goodbye To Backbreaking Naps & Hello To Better Sleep Posture

The thing that makes sleeping in a couch or sofa so agonizing is the incorrect position the body is subjected too. Sure, lying down for a few minutes doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable but wait till you fall sound asleep. Three hours later, you’re bound to suffer from an aching back, a stiff neck, bed sores, or if you’re lucky enough, just bed hair. Anyway, back pain is (almost) always connected to our sleeping posture. The way we position our body during rest decides how well-rested we feel after we wake up from our slumber. This means that no matter how many hours you put into snoozing – be it 4, 8, or 15 – the resulting feeling of restfulness can only be determined by how conducive your sleep was. A common, corrective solution to improper sleeping or napping posture is resting in a place that reclines your body naturally. These babies are adjustable, comfortable, and adaptable. You can practically fine tune them to fit the exact sleeping position you want. The “reclined position” of the chair itself is modified to support all the major stress points our bodies have – like the neck, spine, and knee. By providing a healthy lift to these points, the body feels lighter yet fuller, and will feel rested in just a few hours.

Do Everything In One Place

 I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything, but hey, this nifty seat is our one-stop hangout for almost anything. This makes it the perfect Sunday treat to look forward to. Just think about it. You can binge watch your favorite Netflix series or movie trilogies while munching on popcorn, popping a can of soda, and resting your good ol’ back on Mr Lazyboy (no advertisement intended) simply because you deserve it! You can also order Chinese take-out or have TV dinner on it right after you get home from work. Even naps become superbly better with recliner chairs! Everything and I do mean everything, gets better when you have this product at home. Take it out on your lawn and eat grilled burgers while low-key sunbathing on it; get it on your porch and read the afternoon away, or you can turn off everything inside your house and just rest your eyes for a bit. The comfort recliner chairs promise is unrivalled, I tell you. And it’s high time you reward your hard work with it. There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy sometimes – or even all the time! As long as you work hard enough to earn it! Why not own one today? 


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