Best Practices That Help Google Trust Your Website

If we had to say what the most important SEO factor is out of all of the possibilities we would have to say the Google trust factor. There is simply no better option than to have a trusted website by Google. Not only will your website rank well in the search engines, your website will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website each month. Many SEO companies are leery of giving out the secret methods they use in order to gain more trust for their client’s websites.

We have so many happy clients and have been around for so long that we do not mind giving out free SEO optimization tips that we have learned the past decade. For your information, is a New York-based SEO company that has been helping businesses since 2007.

We frequently give out free advice in order to help our clients stay informed of some of the best marketing practices that our agency uses. This not only helps our clients know what type of SEO work we perform but they can also learn more about the best internet marketing packages.

Gaining Trust By Google Is A Factor Of On-Page And Off-Page Optimization

Before we jump into the main factors that help business owners gain trust by Google, we want to say that gaining trust is not as hard as some agencies realize. With consistent work on your behalf, or on your provider’s behalf, your website can gain massive trust signals.

Here are some of the recommendations that we would like to share:

  • Add A Privacy Policy Page

By adding a simple privacy policy page and terms of service page to the footer section of your website, this allows Google to gain greater trust for your website. This takes about 10 minutes to install with a simple plugin like this one here, basically it auto generates these 2 pages for you and all you do is insert your business name, address e.t.c.

  • Don’t Be Worried About Losing Link Juice

We see it all too often, business owners are too afraid to link to another website because they are scared of losing link juice for their own website. Nothing could be further from the truth. Linking to other websites and companies in your blog posts and website pages help establish trust with your business. Some of the highest ranked and most trusted websites by Google have thousands of outbound links throughout their website. When you decide to link to another website make sure it is an authoritative site with lots of traffic and high DA.

  • Use Social Media To Further Gain Trust By The Search Engines

By using the major social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can easily share your latest ideas and news with the world. While social media does not directly affect Google rankings, if you can gain followers and build up the following around your brand, this will, in turn, reward you with social signals which do help with Google rankings and trust.

  • Produce High-Quality Content On Your Website

As we stated in our previous post about On-Page SEO optimization, having high-quality content that is shareable is of utmost importance. Quality content not only helps with Google rankings, but it also helps to establish your company as a brand. At the end of the day, having a known brand is what it comes down to. Trusted brands rank well in the search engines.

  • Google Likes Long-Term Businesses

While it is tempting to produce a quick website and outsource to India in order to get cheap website content, this rarely brings in real results. We highly recommend establishing your brand and website as a long-term business. How do you do this for a website? Login to your domain registration company and purchase 5+ years of domain registration. This is just one extra factor that helps with establishing trust for your website. Not only will a longer domain registration help, but so will using a branded website URL and not a keyword rich URL. Once again, try to keep things branded and memorable. Check out that link to learn more about domain best practices.

  • Don’t Hide Your Whois Records

Common sense would say that if you have a legitimate business and are not spamming people there is no real reason to hide your Whois records. Many SEO firms hide their client’s records but this really is not the best thing to do. Google doesn’t manually review websites all that often but when they do it sure would help to have published Whois data rather than keep it private. Once again, we are trying to establish trust with the search engines, that is the entire goal.

Backlink Building To Gain Massive Trust Signals

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of gaining trust by the search engines, including Google. Without high-quality backlinks pointing to your domain, the search engines really don’t have any reason to fully trust your website.

There are hundreds of backlink building methods and most of them are spammy and can only land your website with a Google penalty. Let’s jump into some of the best practices we can use in order to use backlinks to gain greater trust.


We are not talking about submitting your website to thousands of free directories that have very little in common with your business. The types of directories we are referring to are paid directories that have high DA. A few really good directories that we would recommend are:


Yahoo Directory

Yellow Pages


These are the types of directories that help establish high trust with a website. Some of the directories are paid directories, prices can range from $25 up to $400 per year in order to keep your listing active.

Before we move on to other backlink strategies…

What Types Of Anchor Text Should Be Used?

Without a doubt, the anchor text is incredibly important if you want to establish yourself as a trusted authority website. Years ago SEO firms would spam the search engines with keyword rich anchor text, nothing could be worse for your website than using keyword rich anchor text!

We highly recommend using the following methods in order to establish your website and build trust. By using branded anchor text you are establishing yourself as a brand and not trying to spam the search engines with keyword rich anchor text.

Have you ever looked at the anchor text profile of big brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart?

95% of the anchor text used for these huge companies is branded anchor text. There is nothing safer and more natural looking to Google than branded links. Don’t think that just because you are using branded anchor text, that you cannot rank for high-competition keywords either!

Look at these branded anchor text profiles below of these huge name brand companies:

Here is the overview of the anchor text profile:


Here is the overview of the anchor text profile:


Here is the overview of the anchor text profile:


Here is the overview of the anchor text profile:


As you can see these large, well-known companies use branded anchor text and have hundreds of thousands of keywords ranked on Google. If your chosen SEO company is using keyword rich anchor text, find a new provider!

Now that the branded anchor text issue is clear and proven, let’s move on towards other high-quality backlink building techniques that help establish websites as a trusted website.

Business Citations

For those of you who are not aware of business citation links, they are basically business directories, similar to what we were previously talking about. Business citation links are another great way to establish trust and are very affordable to do. We recommend companies like Bright Local because you can easily purchase these links for less than $3 per link. Similiar to standard directories, business citation links use your business name, URL, address, phone number e.t.c. and are a great way to boost local SEO efforts.

Authority Link Building Is Key

If we had to give out one piece of advice on how to have a high authority website that Google trusts, it would come down to authority link building. Nothing is more powerful for a website than to have high DA websites linking to the website. Many of the authority based link building techniques come down to editorial based guest posts. has some of the highest quality editorial guest posts that can be done. We have been perfecting our strategies since 2010 and have ranked hundreds of keywords to the top #3 positions on Google by using these link building techniques. Not only will these secure top Google rankings, they will also establish your brand tremendously, making you an authority niche in your industry.

The Major Key To Success Comes Down To Branded Anchor Text

Yes we know we have already talked about the branded anchor text suggestions. However, for 80% of the companies we work with they are not using this technique properly, let’s go over the branded anchor text recommendations again because it can make or break a website!

Let’s say that one more time. Using branded anchor text vs keyword rich anchor text can make or break a website!

Now that we have that clear let us give some more information why using branded text is key to success.

Remember seeing the 4 images earlier in this post? 80% of the backlinks going to these major brands all comes down to the brand, not keyword based links. By using a large variety of branded text you are securing safety with the future Google updates, it is that simple.

Let us give you some examples of what branded, URL and natural anchor text would look like for our company: (These 3 types of links are safe link building techniques)



Over Here

Visit Site

Click Here

These are all very natural link building methods that we suggest for 100% of the businesses we work with. It does not matter what industry you are in, what keywords you are targeting, or the competition levels. Keep in mind that when SEO is done properly and you have established your company as a brand, Google rankings will come easily and naturally.