Spring and Summer do not tend to leave much debris lying around your yard. But, Autumn usually causes quite a mess in your yard! The sight of trees during Autumn time is lovely. The multiple shades of orange, yellow red and brown leaves during Autumn are breathtaking! Whether you have trees or your neighbors have trees, when the temperatures drop and the days become shorter, leaves on trees dry up and fall and the wind blows them everywhere including all over your yard!

The Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews In 2018


Spring and Summer do not tend to leave much debris lying around your yard. But, Autumn usually causes quite a mess in your yard! The sight of trees during Autumn time is lovely. The multiple shades of orange, yellow red and brown leaves during Autumn are breathtaking!   


Top 5 Cordless Leaf Blowers

Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Blower 3.3 pound2.0 Lithium ion
Worx Turbine Cordless Blower With Brushless Motor9 pound56V MaxLithium
EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower5.1 poundArc Lithium
Milwaukee Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower Kit11.9 pound9.0 Lithium ion
BLACK+DECKER LSW36 Cordless Lithium Sweeper4.7 pounds40-volt lithium ion

#1 Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Blower

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The Tayloright #1 choice is the Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Blower. This leaf blower set will definitely blow your mind away with its sleek design, pretty color, and POWERFUL performance. I’m telling you, you’re never going to have a hard time cleaning up your lawn again. It’s slim, handy, and 100% cordless.

The lightweight design of this unit makes it easier for the handler to take control of the device. Larger leaf blowers can really throw off your balance – especially when you’re not used to handling such immense wind power. Also, the fact that the tube (or nozzle can be extended) helps improve blower efficiency. This can help you cover more ground in less time! With a max speed of 150 MPH, no wonder this is Amazon’s prime choice!

#2 Worx Turbine Cordless Blower With Brushless Motor

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The Tayloright #2 choice is the Worx Turbine Cordless Blower With Brushless Motor. Look forward to better seasonal cleaning days using this lightweight machine. This specific leaf blower model is small. Making it easy to lift and use, it can be carried with just one hand! The Worx Turbine Cordless Blower only weighs around 8.1 lbs. So after using this blower, you will not have muscle pain or cramping.

This leaf blower charges in about 90 minutes. In exchange of 90 minutes of super-fast charging, you get a powerful and jampacked air volume thanks to its modern Turbine Fan Technology. The speed may also be adjusted to fit your cleaning needs. It even comes with a TURBO boost to take care of those extra tough spots such as small leaves stuck in between rocks.


#3 EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower

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The Tayloright #3 choice is the EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower. I guess you can say that this model is very similar to the second model I reviewed. Except for this leaf blower is a lot more affordably priced. The EGO Power + Lithium-Ion blower also runs on turbine technology and is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor to help you achieve a better lawn with less work.

This leaf blower is made out of a weather-resistant material making it durable even when exposed to drastic temperature changes. The EGO Power leaf blower delivers a variable speed of 250 CFM up to 480 CFM! This will help you powerfully blow away any debris built up in your yard. 

#4 Milwaukee Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower Kit

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The Tayloright #4 choice is the Milwaukee Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower Kit. The main reason why this leaf blower is so convenient and useful is that it is cordless! It is small and comes in a retro red that looks snazzy. Besides looking great, this model also has great features!

The Milwaukee Lithium-Ion leaf blower runs on a 9-amp battery and features a brushless motor, this is the perfect combination to achieve optimum function and run time. It also claims to create 30% less noise than gas blower brands! This model also has a very quick charging time.

#5 BLACK+DECKER LSW36 Cordless Lithium Sweeper

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The Tayloright #5 choice is the BLACK+DECKER LSW36 Cordless Lithium Sweeper. The Black + Decker company has been gaining popularity in recent years for producing high-quality outdoor tools at low prices. The BLACK+DECKER LSW36 Cordless Lithium Sweeper is no exception. It is a compact and powerful blower.

The ergonomic design of the machine allows users the convenience of working with a lightweight yet highly-efficient blower system that can definitely get any job done in the least amount of time. It is also very versatile and can help repairmen, remodelers, woodworkers, and many other industry professionals in their line of work. With an airspeed of 120 MPH, all debris on your lawn will be blown away in an instant! Best of all it operates quietly!

Learn More About Cordless Leaf Blowers

Let’s imagine that Autumn is just around the corner. It’s nice to imagine the warm and inviting colors of fall. When the scenery will turn to shades of orange, yellow and red. The trees start shedding off their leaves, as if preparing to depart this temporary world. However, not without a grand farewell. The amber colored leaves start riding the air, touching people’s soft faces, saying “I will see you shortly. Please wait for me” like a lover about to leave his love. Just like that, winter comes. Autumn is a season of love, hope, and new beginnings. It may seem like a stale and sad season, but it’s really not. It marks the graceful exit of the old to make way for the new to flourish. It’s the epitome of change. If we view it in this light, fall is hardly a sad season; it’s one of great love. However, there really is something sad about this season. No scratch that. There is something I’d consider more irritating than sad during this season of change. I mean, it’s one thing to have amber colored leaves shower beautifully in romantic poetry, and yet another to have them scattered all over your precious lawn in reality. I’m telling you, if you’re the one in-charge of having to clean up the mess this troublemaker of a season creates, you will not be so taken aback by all the glorious excerpts novelists have about autumn. It’s nice to hear, yeah. But boy, is it a pain to handle in real life. So, welcome to this buying guide full of my rants – I mean, full of helpful mommy and daddy tips that can help you eradicate the painstaking problem autumn brings once and for all. Just like you, I’m tasked to keep my lawn looking nice and neat whatever the season may be. I may not be able to maintain it on a professional landscaper level, but I simply keep it from looking like a biodegradable dump. If I don’t do as much, l think the neighbors will get the wrong idea and think this is a landfill! Well, what with all the trees I have on my front yard, there’s no way I can skip one season of fall cleaning. Through the years, I’ve developed some strategies: One, raking seems like an effective solution but it is not without trouble. Having to run around all over your property looking like an angry mob isn’t the most efficient use of your time. Surely, there is a much better you can keep your lawn clean without having to carry a heavy, pitch-fork-looking thing around, right? Two, I’ve also considered asking the rest of the family to help with the cleaning. We made the whole activity into something recreational – something both the men and women of the house will enjoy and look forward to every year. At first, it helped accomplish the cleaning faster – although we now looked more like a mob than ever, carrying rakes around like “Hey neighbor, we’re burning these leaves at stake here just like in those middle ages’ movies. Care to join?” But overall, it was good fun. I’d even suggest for you to try it out with your own bad batch. Children just love leaf piles. But in our case, things got a little busy in each of our lives. One kid went to college. Another got a part-time job, and so on. You know the drill. Long story short, I was left to do the cleaning by myself again; hence, the dilemma. Three, I also tried hiring young boys to do the cleaning as a side job for a while. It was good; they were very nice, helpful little youngsters. But just like my children, they also got busy with their lives (and I’m completely happy about it) and so, they had to retire from their spring and fall cleaning duties at my home. Again, I was left to do the task by myself. So one autumn afternoon, I asked myself “I’ve already tried a bunch of things and nothing seems to work permanently. Isn’t there any way I can make this job any easier for me?” Of course, cutting down the trees I loved for so many years came into mind but NO, I cannot do that. “These trees have been with me far longer than my children have,” or so I would think. Also, I’m pro-environment. A couple of trees cut down may seem measly to some of you, but that’s another tiny step forward to global warming. In short, I’ve arrived to the conclusion that cutting them is out of the question. So, what then? I wondered what that ONE solution to my problem was. And then I came one brilliant solution in the form of a reality TV show:

Why shouldn’t I get myself a cordless leaf blower?

I was diddling around with the TV remote while seated on my Lazboy, when one of the late afternoon TV shows I used to watch featured a gardener guy blowing leaves off the lawn like it was nothing. What struck me most was that it was cordless! I was like “Do we really have this kind of technology now?” Talk about not getting out of the house that much. I did further research on this remarkable new item I found and got too excited I actually had it delivered to my doorstep the week after. How did I find it, you ask? Well, I wouldn’t waste my time sharing all of this to you when my experience was unsatisfactory, yes? This is the story of how cordless leaf blowers changed my life. And from this point forward, this will be the story of how it’ll change yours as well. But before we even get to that, allow me to answer the most basic questions that you have.

What Is A Cordless Leaf Blower?

I bet you already know what a leaf blower looks like. It’s a handheld machine that is electrically powered to produce a large focused force of air that can help you blow your leaf problems away. Leaf blowers have been around for centuries and have already been used for a variety of purposes – even for activities that hardly has anything to do with cleaning leaves at all (e.g. drying paint faster). However, much recently, a new model of leaf blowers is born. This one has resolved a clear disadvantage of previous leaf blower models – the cord. I have personally considered buying myself a leaf blower before but I was a bit turned off by the fact that I had to plug it in every time I use it. I may not have an insanely huge lawn, but I’d still say mine is wider than average. As you can imagine, having to plug-in a leaf blower would cause a variety of problems for me. This is why when I first came across the idea of a cordless leaf blower, my hopes instantly soared high. This was definitely what I was waiting for. A solution to years of tough lawn cleaning whenever autumn season came around. Allow me to enlighten you about why I chose cordless.

Why Choose Cordless?

If you’re mainly using your leaf blower to clean cluttered leaves on your lawn – as you should be – it would be better if you can drag it easily around the area. After all, you can’t expect leaves to just fall in a specific part of your yard, right? The more versatile and portable the machine is the better. With a cord attached to the leaf blower as its main source of electrical power, it would be harder to move around your lawn and reach places that require most attention. What will happen is that you’re probably going to have to drag an extension wire all the way outside so that you can tap into the outlets inside your home (or patio, at least). Can you imagine how long this extension wire is going to be? It would be fine if you have little space left for your front yard, but for someone like me whose house stands far back in the lot, there is so much ground that needs to get covered. Cords will not be in any way beneficial for me. It would be inconvenient and bothersome. Not to mention, the risks of tripping over it are also very likely to happen – especially when I’m on turbo cleaning mode! This is why cordless is better. Knowing that you’ve gone this far reading into the article, I presume that you have the same problem as me. If you do, then know that cordless is for you. On top of being super handy, you also get to enjoy the following perks below.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Cordless Leaf Blower At Home? Always Have Clean, Refreshing Lawns

I don’t know about you but I’m totally in-love with my lawn. It’s one of the first things people look at when they get home and also the last thing they say goodbye to whenever they take off. I believe that I can say this in behalf of all of you that this part of the home should always be kept looking nice and orderly. After all, aside from your own, personal satisfaction, the lawn is also the first thing that greets the people outside. It can tell a lot about how you live your life. Having your lawn looking like a dump will certainly leave the wrong impression, don’t you think? This is one of the primary benefits of having a cordless leaf blower. The convenience of being to clean anytime and anywhere using a completely hassle-free device is definitely worth a few extra dollars. Always have a happy-looking lawn by choosing cordless.

Never Have To Worry About A Messy Lawn Again

Sometimes, we become so frustrated whenever we see our lawns looking like a mess. We want to make it look great but some of us simply don’t have the energy left to do the cleaning – especially after long hours at work or during the only day we have off. It’s easy to say that you want a lawn; it would be nice to have. But making room for a lawn is only the first of your problems. Maintenance and beautification are headaches on a completely different level. Some plants just don’t know when to keep growing, you know? Trees aren’t making it any easier for you either. And let’s not even start with the grass that’s a little too healthy to stay trimmed. Maintaining a nice lawn is hard but it is definitely rewarding. By getting a quality leaf blower that is 100% battery-operated and cordless, you’ll have better days with your front yard. This much I can assure you.

Be Extra Prepared For When Autumn Season Comes

What season are we having right now? It’s almost summer, isn’t it? Three months or one quarter of the year can fly by so fast you won’t even notice it. Before you know it, the leaves are already starting to change into vibrant, warm colors that although pretty, spell a whole lot of trouble. Uh-oh. Here comes another leaf storm. Prepare yourself way before autumn even peaks in with a quality leaf blower hanging around your house. Also, don’t just choose any old leaf blower. Choose the modern-day cordless model. This way, when fall season comes around, you’ll never be caught off guard. You can take on any leaf pile it throws your way with your awesome battery-operated machine!

Don’t Sweat About Storage

This benefit I really adore. I mentioned a while ago that we had a wider than average front lawn. Well, it’s true. We do have a rather spacious lot. However, I think I forgot to mention the part that our house is actually less than your average-sized home (or maybe around that size, depending on what your definition of “average” is). Anyway, we have a wide lot area but little space inside the house to store extra stuff. We have a small attic but it basically serves as the only storage room inside the house. Although I like living inside this cozy home, storing large items can be a bit of a drag sometimes – especially because I don’t want them hanging anywhere around my kitchen or living room. For small homes like mine, with no utility closer (or a smaller one, perhaps), a cordless leaf blower is a super space-saving machine which is easy to store. After use, you can just keep it in one of your kitchen cabs or lower dressers. You can also tuck it away safely under a bed or a decorative table when you’re sitting it out for winter and summer months. It’s handy and portable so you really won’t have any problem moving it around. Best of all, it has no messy wires. This means that you won’t encounter the long list of problems that involve cords. Just get the battery hitched right back on when it’s time for another round of autumn cleaning fun!

Get More Done In Less Time

Next, with a cordless leaf blower, you can cover more ground in less time. You can go anywhere around your lot without having to drag any cord or extension wire. You can even go help your neighbour who lives ten blocks away from you clean his lawn and still get back in time for afternoon tea and snacks for Pete’s sake! As they say, time is precious. It really is much more valuable than anything else in this world. So if this machine, which costs a few more dollars than a regular leaf blower, can save you a lot of time and help you accomplish your cleaning activities more efficiently, then it definitely becomes a worthwhile purchase. Let’s face it. We oftentimes spend our money on silly or lousy buys. Why not spend it on something that can actually help improve your way of life?

Seasonal Cleaning Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Last but not least, leaf blowers aren’t just autumn babies. They’re practical machines perfect for every season. If you use your imagination, there are probably 101 uses for a leaf blower machine – maybe even more. You can even dry your clothes with it, if you’re in a hurry. Or, dry your hair with it when the handheld dryer is broken. No, I’m kidding. Please don’t try this at home. Anyway, cordless leaf blowers are useful as much as they are convenient and you’ll definitely find it hard to look for something that can match up to its helpful features. The best ones are even offered at prices that aren’t half bad for the quality they give in exchange. I’m telling you, you’ll never have a bad cleaning day again when this nifty tool is around!

Who Can Benefit From Cordless Leaf Blowers The Most?

I can confidently say that cordless leaf blowers are perfect tools for anyone and everyone who enjoys seasonal cleaning but is having a hard time with it. But just to be more specific, I will specially mention three types of people who’ll love to have this revolutionary piece of contraption at home: 

Those Of You Who Hate Having To Stumble Over Cords All The Time

I know you hate to admit it, but it could be that clumsiness runs in your blood. Don’t worry, I’m a helpless klutz myself and I know a lot of people who are the same. If you spill your drink all the time, accidentally choke on food while talking often, and hit your small toe on tables and chairs on more occasions than you can count, then it’s official – YOU ARE CLUMSY. Mind you, clumsy is dangerous as it is cute. If you’ve experienced most of the scenarios above, then it would be unsurprising for you to stumble on electrical cords a lot as well. Although accidentally tripping over them have no dire consequences (but it does hurt), still, there are more risks to these innocent encounters in the long run – for both you and your machine. For example, it’s okay to trip and not fall too abruptly. However, there are times when we become so careless that we can actually fall headfirst into the ground. Yikes! Also, if you keep stumbling over the cord of machine, you’ll end up damaging it soon enough. If you find the damage soon after you caused it, then that’s good. Otherwise, you may risk short circuits and electrocution inside the home – neither of which being a better consequence than the other. If this happens to you all the time, then it’s definitely time to switch to cordless.

Those Of You Who Have A Serious Leaf Problem Some neighborhoods simply look greener than others – thanks to the vast number of trees and shrubbery. While having nature close by is beneficial for your health and environment, it does not excuse the fact that autumn becomes a dreadful season to look forward to. Why? Well, let’s just say it’s mostly because of all the cleaning you have to do. Say, you have three trees in your lawn and your neighbors, left and right, have two and three respectively. Can you imagine how much of a leaf shower will ensue when fall peek-a-boo’s right around the corner? There would be a lot. Although I can’t tell how much exactly, I’m just sure that it’ll be enough to get you annoyed. Fret not, however, because with a nice leaf blower, all your worries will be gone in an instant. Never have to fear the changing of seasons again!  

Those Of You Who Are Looking For A More Convenient Way To Clean

Finally, cordless leaf blowers are for people who, well, like to live it easy. I mean, who doesn’t like convenience, right? Everyone has the right to improve their quality of life. If cleaning and maintaining your lawn becomes a bit of a problem, then you have all the right to look for a better solution. You deserve that, at least. Technology will continue to evolve with or without you. It’s either you ride with every new wave or stick to traditional (and sometimes obsolete) methods. It’s your call, really. But if you want to take my advice, go with whichever can lessen the stress for you.

How To Choose Which Cordless Leaf Blower To Buy

Okay. So here I am rambling on and on about how great of an addition to your home cleaning kit a cordless leaf blower is but I never really talked about the most important thing yet – how to choose the perfect model to buy. As much as I would want to allow a very open criterion, still, I’m more concerned about how disadvantageous it would be for you if you got involved with a crappy leaf blower. After all, I encouraged you to get one. I should at least follow through my suggestion and make sure you end up with the best leaf blower there ever could be. Of course, you are free to choose and personalize the minute details of your machine (e.g. color, style, design, etc.) but on a macro level, check out these tips before making any purchase: 

Check The Price Tag

I’ve been traumatized by blind purchases so much that every time I see something I like nowadays, I always flip over the price tag first to see how much an item costs. I bet I’m not the only one doing this though. I’m pretty sure you’ve had your own fair share of embarrassing cashier experiences. Like, getting an item real quick because you thought it was on 75% discount only to find out that the sign said “on selected items only” or “only those tagged yellow.” Then after the cashier tells you it’s regularly priced, you mushy blush and return the item to the stall knowing that it isn’t something you can buy at full price. Oh, curse my clumsy genes! However, these moments that I really wish didn’t happen taught me a great lesson in adult life: Always check the price tag. The same rule applies offline and online. If anything, online purchases are even trickier – especially when hidden charges are involved! An item can have a very low price and yet have an absurdly expensive shipping fee. Also, even if you can afford almost anything, it is still important to check the price to make sure that you are not getting duped. There should be an average price for everything – or at least, an estimated bracket. Anything that lies on the extremes should be considered rip-offs – either for being too cheap that it doesn’t work or too pricey despite its excellent performance. Check the price tag before you buy any cordless leaf blower model. Make sure you’ve already assessed all the other alternatives and simply learn how to get the best value for your money. 

Consider Warranty

Never take a manufacturer’s word for anything unless they are confident enough to give you excellent warranty on their product. I mean, if what they say is true – that their product is so darn great you should buy it – then they should exude that same confidence by giving you the assurance you need to strengthen your buyer’s resolve. Warranty is a way that we can safeguard our own investment. Money isn’t that easy to earn, you know. We work long and hard hours just so we can provide for our needs and maybe earn a little excess to buy something worthwhile. While a cordless leaf blower is undoubtedly a practical and convenient purchase, not all models work the same way. Some will be better than others; some will be okay; and a few will end up becoming a disappointment. Knowing that you can return the item after things take a wrong turn gives (us) consumers more reason to try a certain product. Common examples of leaf blower warranties are lifetime and user satisfaction warranties. Make sure that you buy a model with at least one to two years warranty. 

Value Quality

Price is a big consideration but a BIGGER one is quality. Why? You can have the cheapest, most affordable thing in the world but without quality, your purchase becomes a complete rip-off. It basically means you paid for nothing. You don’t get your cleaning done, you don’t lessen your workload, and you save zero time – maybe even spend more of it as a consequence. This is why I always say that cheap buys aren’t always the best buys. When making purchases, you must always think like the manufacturer. “Hmm. So this thing costs $200 dollars less than the leading brand. However, it claims to work just like the better buy. What is it that the manufacturer had to sacrifice in order to lower the price and still profit? Could it be material? Or maybe it’s durability? How long will this product stay functional, exactly? Maybe it’s built to serve its user for only a given period of time so that when it breaks down, the user will have to make another purchase of the same product.” Does any of this make sense? Truth is, everything is always going to be about business. Nothing will be given to you dirt-cheap without a catch. Always look for that “catch.” If you value quality, you’ll be able to save more in the long run.

Choose A Model With Adjustable Features

Next, it would be wise to choose a leaf blower model that is very versatile and adjustable. This way, you can use it in more ways than one. You can even use a leaf blower to help you get snow off your steps and sidewalks once you learn how to adjust its power efficiently. Look for something that can be adjusted in terms of blow speed and power. Also make sure it has easy-to-use controls to match the adjust ability features with. When you can adjust speed and power, you can avoid making a mess of what you already cleaned up because of one careless action. Also, it will really do your neighbors a favor. That’s it. I really don’t have much to add in this subsection because I’m sure you get the point. 

Consider Battery Life

The thing you must never forget about a cordless leaf blower is that it doesn’t have a cord, obviously. This means that it will solely rely on charged batteries to get the supply of electricity it needs. So the moment you take it out to the lawn, you can only hope that your leaf blower’s batteries will sustain the power long enough for you to finish your job. If it doesn’t, you can bet that the debris will thicken again by the time you’re done recharging the battery. With this problem in mind, a very important piece of advice I can give you is to buy a model that is guaranteed to have longer battery life – something that uses electricity efficiently and carefully so that every ounce of it is put to good use. One other advantage of choosing a model with a longer battery life is that you can definitely save on electricity. Poor battery life means that you’ll have to recharge the machine more frequently. Recharging over and over again until you can get the job done can really have impact on your electricity bill. Paying a few extra dollars for a battery-efficient model is nothing compared to years of paying excess wattage.   

Compare Options

Next, always explore other alternatives. You may think for a moment that you’ve found the best one, only to realize that you missed a gem because you were too distracted and too focused on one thing. Trust me; there are so many leaf blower models available in the U.S. market. The one you found while walking down a certain aisle in Walmart isn’t the only one. Try searching online. You’ll be surprised by how much more you’ll get to see. However, after you have assessed many other options and still find your first choice as the best one, then there’s no reason to stop yourself from buying it. The only important thing is that you tried to compare alternatives as much as you can. This way, you won’t regret your first choice in the future because you’ve unanimously decided that it is the BEST choice for you.

Check Online Reviews & Recommendations

Last but not least, getting second opinion from others is always a good thing. Ask your friends and family what they think about your prospect. Hear what they have to say about it. For all you know, they’ve already bought a similar product before. Also, asking for suggestions doesn’t always have to be live. Oftentimes, you can get plenty of input from the internet. Check out online reviews from reputable websites and read user testimonials. Remember that you don’t have to go through every bad experience in order to learn from it. Sometimes, the experience of others is enough to help you learn a lesson and possibly evade disastrous or inconvenient situations.

How To Properly Maintain Your Cordless Leaf Blower

Buying what you need is always just step one, what follows is a much more rigorous journey of caring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and improving your machine. After all, you do want your machine to stay with you for as long as possible, right? Also, you would want it to serve its purpose in the most efficient way imaginable. In order for you to achieve a happy and healthy machine, we prepared a few care tips for you. They’re simple, easy to do, and yet they will surely keep your cordless leaf blower running for a long, long time!

Get It To Work Every Now & Again

A good thing to always remind yourself of I that you’re working with a machine. This means that it’s made up of gears and springs, bolts and wires that when left dormant for a long time, may expire or become a bit rusty. Getting them to work once in a while, even if you have no exact use for it yet (e.g. during spring and summer seasons), will do them good exercise. Consider it at some sort of warm-up or light training so that when the time you need to use it (heavily) again arrives, it would be more than pumped for some action already. 

Visit A Technician For Regular Check-Ups

I’m pretty sure that you’ve been advised by health experts to visit your doctor annually or bi-annually to get your regular check-up. Nothing needs to be wrong with you. You are simply visiting the doctor to make sure that there is, IN FACT, nothing wrong with you. This is because sometimes, what we don’t take notice of risks us of the most danger. The same should be observed with your cordless leaf blower. Get in touch with an expert technician and have your baby checked at least once a year. This should serve as good maintenance.

Avoid Overcharging/Undercharging The Device

I know you’re all busy but that doesn’t mean you should keep cutting corners whenever you have the chance – especially when it concerns charging your cordless leaf blower. Always follow the recommended charging time that is stated in the machine’s manual. If there is a meter of some sort that tells you when the battery is full, then wait for it to give you the go signal. Undercharging can lead to poor battery life in the long run. Your device’s battery will be fed up with getting an insufficient power supply that it’ll give up on life entirely. Mind you, buying a new battery is added cost. Also, you may even encounter problems with buying specific types (e.g. availability in the market). Best take care of the battery you already have. You should also be careful not to overcharge or to leave your device charging while unattended. Modern day machines may already be equipped with an automatic power supply inhibitor that activates the moment the device reaches its maximum capacity for power storage, however, it always pays to be extra careful.

Remove Batteries (If Possible) If You Plan To Put It In Storage For Long

If you’re unit’s battery is detachable, then remove it before placing the item in storage. It’s a long time before autumn grants you a visit again and experts advise not to keep the battery in the holder when you’re not planning to use the device any time soon. Put the battery away in a separate container and plug it back in when the need arises again. This way, you can avoid draining your battery while in storage.

Clean or Brush Nozzle After Every Use

Finally, we tend to abuse and ignore one of the most prominent parts of a leaf blower just because it seems sturdy enough to handle a lot of pressure – the nozzle. It’s the long, cylindrical tube where the gush of air comes out. We think we don’t have to clean it because, well, it blows powerful air anyway. It can clean itself, right? WRONG. Cleaning the nozzle is just as important as cleaning the rest of the machine’s body – especially after it just came out of storage. Give it a quick brush or wipe it with a semi-damp cloth. Your leaf blower will definitely appreciate it!


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