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    Offering Premium SEO Services For New York City Businesses

Tayloright offers strategic New York SEO services for businesses needing maximum online growth. Our entire approach involves driving high-quality traffic to our client websites and converting that traffic into sales. Using our expert New York City SEO services we are able to rank high competition, high traffic keywords to the top positions on Google. To this day, we have ranked over 2,000 high competition keywords to the first page of Google. Our clients have incredible ROI when using our services, which is one reason why we are a top rated agency.

We work with new start-up companies and we work with established companies that have been around for decades. No matter what type of business you run, having a well established online marketing presence is crucial! Our primary focus at the Tayloright company is to generate high-quality leads and sales for your business. We are proud to say that we are a leading SEO company in New York City. Gaining top Google rankings can be an overwhelming task for many businesses. There are thousands of businesses across the United States, all wanting top Google ranking positions. The New York SEO services that we offer are tailored to our clients. No 2 businesses are alike and it’s important to offer custom marketing solutions for each business, which is exactly what we do. We offer premium marketing solutions in NYC and have done so since 2007. We have been known to outrank even the highest competition such as Wal-Mart, Zales, and Amazon.

We encourage you to use our free audit tool which will automatically scan your website using 50+ important Google ranking factors. We will then perform a more comprehensive SEO analysis of your business. Once completed, we will forward this to your company. This next report will include your current website traffic, backlink quality, Google keyword ranking positions e.t.c. Once our final audit has been completed we will email you with our analysis. In this analysis of your business, we will include a custom-made video analysis for you to also review. We do not take any shortcuts with our SEO marketing efforts. If you are looking for a New York SEO company, look no further than the Tayloright company.



    Tayloright was founded by back in 2007 with the purpose of helping businesses achieve online marketing success. Since we started over a decade ago we have been able to help hundreds of businesses gain maximum online exposure for their business. Our entire goal is to rank targeted, high-volume keywords to the top of Google using safe SEO methods. Taylor Johnson has been developing his strategies and to this date, he has some of the highest quality marketing services that money can buy. Tayloright was founded and developed for the special purpose of helping local business owners make more money online. Unfortunately, we have found that many business owners have had bad experiences when looking for a company, whether in NYC or other parts of the world. There are literally thousands of agencies and from our experience, we only recommend about 2% of them to any of our clients, besides our own Tayloright services.


    Another important aspect of SEO is knowing what is actually being done each month. We decided back in 2010 to show our clients the actual work that was performed each month. There are far too many companies that do spammy work for their clients. The result is that they typically do not share what is being done as far as the work goes because if the client saw the work they would want to stop immediately. Since Tayloright only does white hat, Google-friendly work we are happy to share complete reporting to any of our clients that are interested. Make sure when selecting a service provider you choose one that shows backlink reports not just keyword ranking reports. This is important because there are many backlink strategies and many of them are not Google-friendly by any means. You do not have to be an expert to know if the backlink is good or not, if it looks natural and nothing out of the ordinary, then chances are it is a white hat type of backlink. If you have questions or want to get started please get a hold of us by filling out our contact form or giving us a call today.


    We previously stated that we would only recommend around 2% of SEO companies to any of our own clients. There are thousands of dishonest, low-quality marketing agencies throughout the United States. We understand SEO extremely well and know how to analyze what has been done for a company. We see it far too often, a company has hired an agency to try and improve website rankings. After 12 months they haven’t seen much movement then they end up finding us because of our high Google rankings and start asking questions. Most of the times we are shocked when we learn they were paying x amount of dollars each month, for the amount of actual work they were receiving. Since we understand this field so very well, we are able to help our potential clients by informing them with valuable information, so that they can then go and make an educated decision.


    Back in 2010 when we started working with other businesses we came up with a few important inclusions that we wanted to offer all of our future clients, no matter the budget. We hope that you trust us on this point, we have learned this by experience. We have received many calls from other businesses that have had terrible experiences working with so-called New York SEO experts, primarily because of contracts. While it is true that in order to maintain top Google rankings it takes ongoing effort and is not a one-time effort, there is no point in using a contract, of any kind! Let us explain why Tayloright does not use contracts of any kind no matter the circumstance.


    Common Sense Isn’t So Common… (avoid any contractually based SEO company)

    Think about it this way: If a client is happy with your SEO service, won’t they want to stay with you on an ongoing basis? Why would they stop working with your company if you were increasing Google rankings and driving sales into their company? The simple answer is that they would not quit working with you. We do not work with contracts because we do high-quality marketing, in fact, some of the best that money can buy. Our clients are happy with our work and typically stay with us for years, always working with us on a month to month basis.



When you signup for a new service it is critical that the full login details are sent to your marketing agency, It is not enough to build backlinks and post to the social media accounts while neglecting the on-page website changes. Optimizing a website is referred to as on-page and is incredibly important in order to achieve top Google rankings. Here are a few aspects that go into On-Page SEO changes. Please read our complete post in order to fully grasp what is involved and what we do here at our local firm.


Never work with any marketing agency that does not offer complete reporting every single month. Tayloright gives complete reporting details including the backlinks created, on-page changes that were completed, traffic history analysis and complete keyword rank tracking. Because we are a 100% transparent firm, we have gained the trust of businesses throughout the United States that rely upon our expertise to bring in quality results. Our experts are here to help you dominate your competition and gain massive ROI every single month.


This is one of the most common questions we receive here at A few years ago ranking took just a couple months to see great results, even for those businesses engaging in spammy methods. Google drastically updated their algorithm multiple times and SEO is not what it used to be like a few years ago. Before we answer this question we recommend the following. Do not trust any company that guarantees ranking results in a period of a few months. Unfortunately, it does not work that way and promises cannot be made. The good news is that Tayloright has hundreds of #1 Google rankings that we have been able to achieve for our clients. However, we do not promise results at a certain given time. The answer to the question can be summed up like this. For a new website targeting high competition keywords such as businesses in New York often times do, the general timeframe to bring keywords to page one or higher is 1.5 years. For businesses that have an established and trusted website that need to bring keyword rankings from page 2 or 3 up to the top positions on page 1 typically takes 3-6 months depending upon the competition levels.


Content is not optional, but a strict requirement and something that we use here at Tayloright daily. Without good quality content, it is nearly impossible to establish trust with Google and gain top search engine rankings. The reason many firms don’t involve content marketing is that massive amount of time is involved in order to create good quality content. Whether we are posting blog posts or writing individual service pages for a client, care must be taken to ensure that it is engaging, unique and shareable content. Tayloright uses in-house content marketers that have years of experience. If the agency you are talking to does not use content marketing or says it is not needed, find a different provider.


Besides having a website that is fully optimized, the determining factor that ranks competitive keyword searches to the top of Google is the number of and quality of backlinks that a particular website has obtained. Without any doubt, backlinks are the most important way to increase website rankings, no matter what type of business you have. The most important question that you can ask any service provider is the following question. What types of backlinks do you build and how many per month for the price? Believe it or not many dishonest agencies are putting businesses on year-long contracts without ever telling the business what types of links and how many links they will do each month. If you have hired a good company like Tayloright, you will know in advance the work that is being completed each month. The types of links that should be done for a website are editorial types of links such as niche guest posting services. These take lots of time and are a major reason why most firms don’t use this type of quality of work. This is what sets Tayloright apart from our competition.